Monday, May 25, 2015

May 3, 2015

Ok so to be completely honest .. this week was super similar to the
last 3 weeks

everything is going by so quickly and learning and applying and
teaching is a process that I did not think could go this fast- not
because I am good at it but just because it just happens!! This week
with our half training meeting and with our MLCM meeting we were
packed with things to plan and prepare and when it all came down to
it, everything was ok. I feel a lot less stressed about the meetings
and such now that I have been involved in almost every one that we
conduct and hold as assistants. The big thing now is zone
conference... We started working on the planning and preparing in the
middle of last transfer and are still working out a few of the
wrinkles in it-- planning on some great meetings with the focus on the
such a blessing to have the time to really think and ponder what the
sacrament means and really why we partake of it. Last week on sunday
Elder Kim and I really took the time to ponder and think about what it
all means. It is the topic on which we will teach and so we felt even
more the need to apply and understand the things that we would talk
and testify of. Well it changed the meaning for both of us- a
different feeling and more of a desire to take it. Well this week
through all the meetings and work that we had, the sacrament continued
to be on my mind. I really wanted to prepare well to partake of the
sacrament and feel the full effect that it can have and as we welcomed
in the members yesterday from the rain, Elder Kim and I expressed
those feelings to each other.
We were so ready. And about 10 minutes before the meeting started,
Elder and Sister Bowcutt came in the church and informed us that there
were some people who looked like they were having some trouble with
their car. Elder Kim and I went out with Elder Bowcutt to see how we
could help and it turned out they had a flat with no phone or
knowledge of how to change the tire. The owners were older and the man
was shivering from the rain.
We went straight to work to change the tire and invited them to go
warm themselves in the church. They gladly accepted the invitation as
we continued to work on the car. After some technical difficulties
with a flat spare tire as well we entered sacrament meeting at 9:50,
both a little discouraged that we were not able to participate in the
sacrament. When the meeting ended we walked the couple back to the car
and they were both so full of light and gratitude. As the left Elder
Bowcutt turned to us and said, "They were not just warmed outside but
on the inside too. Their spirits needed some warmth and that is what
they received today." Thinking about all that had happened, I feel
like I learned even more about the sacrament. We really felt of the
need and the necessity of it but I also thought about the sacrifice
that our Savior made so that we could be spiritually warm and healed
each week!

I am so thankful for the blessings of the gospel. for the truth that
is found in the scriptures and from living prophets today. I am so
grateful for the sacrament, for the cleansing power and the enabling
power that guides us in all that we do because we will have His Spirit
with us.

Love you all so much! Thanks for your examples and your love and your
prayers-- itll be fun to skype next week-- ^^
Love you!!!
Elder Jackson