Thursday, April 9, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hello Hello!!! Hows it been???

This week has been super busy trying to get used to the things in the office and keep everything in order. At the beginning of this transfer they started re-modeling the mission office and we are still working on the last touches trying to get everything back into place so that we can get back to being the most effective we can be! Outside of the craziness that the remodeling brings, we have been having a great time planning and teaching and going on exchanges and having meetings and the works!

After a nice p-day at the beach on monday we came back and spent just about the rest of the night cleaning up all the garbage that was still left on the floors in the office. Tuesday we had a zone meeting to attend and then went to take new mattresses up to shinjeong area which is right outside of bangeojin- it was fun going up to a familiar place but it was quite the travel. Wednesday we went back out to Jinhae for the Zone meeting there- again super great being able to see the missionaries I worked so closely with over the last 3 transfers especially Elder Wilson and Elder Heo- came to find out that they now have set a baptismal date with one of the investigators we were met before I left!!! If everything continues to go well he will be baptized this coming sunday!!! Super excited for both of them!!! 
After the meeting we came back to busan and we went on exchanges- I went to an area in busan called gupo- right now there are two great young missionaries there who are a great example of what it means to be diligent and open to the Spirit! it was a lot of fun going with them and talking to them about the experiences that they are having now that i similarly experienced about a year and a half ago- it was a time of much reflection and a great time of learning for sure!!!
After our exchange ended a lot of the planning began- we have a few large meetings that will be coming within the next month and so setting dates and making agendas deciding on topics etc. was a lot of the rest of our week! Until saturday when we were able to go to a young single adult activity with a member and their cousin who is now a progressing investigator!! So amazing how the Lord has prepared the member to invite her cousin and how the Lord has prepared him to learn about the gospel!! We have met with him the last two days and we are planning to meet twice this week!! Really excited for him and the family and the ward! 

This week I have been studying a lot in the Old Testament just at the beginning starting with Genesis and going through Abrahams life-- To be honest the Old Testament is super hard to understand, but the thing that I love is the focus and emphasis on the obedience of Abraham and the blessings that he will receive because of that obedience- in Genesis 22:18 it says 
  And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.
It is a blessing to know that when we simply are obedient that the Lord will pour out blessings to us that even at times we may not be able to comprehend. This has been a huge realization for me this week again as I studied the scriptures- obedience is key and without it we can go too far! Thank you for your love and examples of obedience! It is the greatest blessing to live in a family where obedience has been taught and continues to be taught at all times and in all things! Although we are not always perfect as we act in faith we will be blessed!~

Thanks for everything!! Love you all so much!!
Have a great week and a fun time watching conference!!
Elder Jackson

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