Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happy 21st Birthday Elder Jackson!

Hey!!! Hows it going!!! 

I am not sure how to start my e-mails anymore because my feelings at the start are always about the same. Another quick week, faster than any other before with so much learned and so much accomplished but with so much ahead and the excitement to continue on in the process of serving the Lord!!
Last week was the last week of the transfer and so our schedule was filled in fulfilling the plans and the schedules that we had made as well as making new plans and preparing for meetings. To start the week President continued on with interviews for this transfer and so with that we had a lot to do for him in the office in finalizing some other appointments working on housing for some teams that will move in the next few weeks and in working on bringing in the returning missionaries for their exit interviews and making sure they were prepared and getting ready for their last testimony at our transfer meeting as well as for the meetings and activities that they have before they left(which was this morning). With all the interviews and scheduling going, we also were able to be a part in the transfer meetings. It was very interesting to see the other side of the transfer- of course not strange in any way but very spiritual and inspirational. As I called the missionaries who were transferring I felt more than at any time in my mission how inspired the calls we receive are. Their was a strong confirmation that they would do great in their new area and with their new companion and that they had a reason why the Lord wanted them to serve there. A great experience and very different than when you are on the receiving side waiting and eating something delicious while you reminisce on the past transfer and what had happened hah

In between these meetings and activities, we continued to look at our mission guidelines and as we talked with President, were able to simplify them in a way that brought out the main principle of the rules that we have. It was very interesting putting these together, I felt like we were editing a novel as we found the basic principles typed them out and then brought them to President for his thoughts and approval- another great experience in which I was able to continue to feel the importance of strict obedience but also learn methods of breaking things down into the simplest form- teaching so that a child could understand and live accordingly. And of course a great time to think about the most important things, many of which came down to preparing ourselves so that we can be on the line of revelation. So that we can follow and accomplish the things which the Lord has commanded. 

Last week was also filled with many miracles. We had a member present lesson last monday with the referral that we received when I first came. We are able to meet with him about 2 a week and he is doing great and continues to be really open to the message that we share. Also, as we went out to exercise last week we were able to share a message with an older lady who we see quite often when we go up the mountain! and lastly, as we went out to a random printing store to print a few things for transfer meeting, we found that the owner had met the missionaries many years ago in Jinhae(my old area) and attended church there 2-3 times. He said that he is not a fan of missionaries but as we started talking and being able to bear testimony he invited us to sit down and we stayed and talked and taught him for about an hour past his closing time. He had a light to him that was different from a lot of the people that I have met with through out my mission. He thought deeply and was very sincere in the conversation which we had! The Spirit was strong and we hope to meet with him again if we can this week.

Well to end, after a long day of meetings yesterday we took the returning missionaries to the train station today to send them off to Seoul! Sad to send off close friends including Elder Mangakahia- all of them were very strong in their testimony of Christ and left a great Spirit of love and hope for the mission! Tonight we will be off to pick up the 6 new missionaries that will be joining our mission! We are excited to have them arrive and continue, now in the field, to do the Lords work- We have more meetings and some great proselyting activities planned that will be great!!!

Thank you so much for everything including the birthday wishes!!! As always we feel your love everyday and I know that the Heavenly Father is watching over us all!! Love you!! Hope you have a great week!!! 
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Elder Jackson