Thursday, April 9, 2015


Hellooo!!! 차 이번주 진짜 빨리지나갔네요.....!!!!!
Holy smokes!! this week went by way too fast!! talk about 100 miles per hour and that is what we have haha It has been a week full of miracles and a ton of fun!!! Lots that we were planning for and doing and planning as we were doing (i hope that makes sense hah) but it was all really great!!! As dad said there are a lot of things that have happened and more than just not enough to type them, explaining the feelings and experiences would just sound really cliche. A lot of vague words that do not give the real feeling thoughts or explanation of what happened- I hope that the things I share today will be able to bring the Spirit that I have felt over this last week to you! 

Last week we started planning our MLCM meeting for the Zone Leaders and Sister Training leaders. This week as we presented the agenda based around the new Because HE lives to President, he shared with us an idea which lead us to having to plan a lot more in detail- the idea was to go on a hike for the meeting. Of course we loved the idea and quickly took Presidents idea and set it to our agenda and then checked the weather- It was supposed to be raining.. Well we continued to plan and prepare despite the forecast and waking up friday morning the clouds were out and black not a sign that the sun would shine that day-but as we prayed studied and prepared for our meeting the clouds left with paths drying up and the sun beaming bright! and through the hike it continued to be that great weather actually up until we came back in from the hike and then the clouds covered back over and although there still was no rain it was not hiking weather- That Miracle lead to so many more as we hiked taught and learned from the testimonies of the leaders in our mission!! We had 5 stops which allowed most of the missionaries to share testimony and had a teaching practice as we hiked- teaching and testifying of Christ at all times in all things and in all places! at the top of the mountain one of the sister companion ships bore there testimony as one played the violin and we all sang together I know that my redeemer lives-- It was such a great meeting and one that I will always remember as we felt of His Presence through the testimonies and hope of each of the missionaries that attended! 

Well along with this great miracle we also had our investigator come to another activity on Saturday night and to church again on sunday!! we are really excited for him and his family who referred him to us! As we attended our normal church meetings yesterday there was a really strong spirit in fast and testimony meeting and in our gospel principles class!! He committed to coming to watch general conference with us next week!! it will be great to have him there!!! -- I am super excited for conference and can not wait to hear what revelation the prophets have received! 

 With all that we continued to have a blast- serving in two threesomes has really been a blessing and I am so thankful for the time that I have had to learn from 4 great missionaries in the last month!! super awesome and just having a great time as we are serving the Lord!!! and we had Easter dinner with the Barrows last night-- super delicious!!!!!!^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

LOVE you all so much as I say each week, thank you for your prayers and your love!!!
I know that we can be together forever!!
Elder Jackson

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