Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 12, 2015

Good Morning from rainy busan!!!!
You know that it is rolling up on some nice spring time and probably
into some of the summer heat and humidity when it rains like it has
been raining in the last week or so here. It is exciting and was
perfect timing for Easter and for Conference!!! It was a really great
experience to hear the testimonies of Christ and His Atonement and
resurrection on the day that we celebrate those things!!(even though
we did watch it the 11/and 12) but the spirit of things was so strong
as the whole conference truly centered around Christ and His Love and
sacrifice for each of us!!!!

So we will start from the end of the week and go through til last
p-day..... Again Conference was SUPER great!!! Each time I am always
so surprised at the connection and relation that is gives to me
personally and to everyone who watches to hear the words of God from
His servants!! This conference I loved the talks given by Elder
Bednar, Elder L Whitney Clayton, and Elder Wilford W. Anderson. Great
insights on serving the Lord with hope faith and love always looking
toward His light so that we can receive and share His light!!! I am
thankful for the living prophets and for Thomas S. Monson who serves
us, leads us and guides us in keeping the commandments of the Lord!! I
am so thankful for the safety and protection that we can find as we
heed to the words of the prophets!!!!

Outside of conference this week was super busy, We had meetings going
on around the mission each day and knowing and feeling and hoping that
each is going well is a really different feeling- last week we did not
go to each one but there were interview meetings and zone meetings
that we spent a week scheduling that all happened- and now things are
just picking up. We have started planning and preparing our meetings
for transfer meeting and for the new missionary training meetings that
we will be holding now in two weeks. This is the last week of this
transfer and so I am sure we will be busy with preparing and planning
the rest of the meetings and in making some of the transfer calls this

We had some great appointments this week with members and with
investigators that were a great time and full of the spirit!! We
visited a member who just made us laugh for about an hour as he took
pictures of everything that we showed him and threw in these random
english catchphrases!! super funny guy!! (Ill send a pic) We also met
with our progressing investigator! super awesome guy and
as we talked we were able to find out a lot about what he has been
feeling and his thoughts about the church- as we taught the
restoration there was a strong spirit and great acceptance of the
principles that were taught! We are hoping to help him understand why
we do the things we do - the things that he has seen his aunts uncles
and cousins so from when he grew up as a kid until now!! He is
great!!! Last night we also had the chance to go back to Jinhae for
SPM meeting- had a great time seeing some familiar faces as we had the
meeting and then after as we ate dinner at the stake presidents home!!
Always so great to go back and see the people who you have served

Crazy things this week-- on friday night 90% of the cell phones in the
mission lost the ability to place calls-- only receiving... It was a
super stressful 45 minutes as we called the mission figuring out not
only the problem but also which teams were home and if there phones
worked or not-- super nuts!!!!!! hah and still not fixed but that
should be cleared up today!!!

Anyway a great week and more than ever so thankful for the great
elders that I am able to serve with!! Today we will go to visit a few
of Elder Mangakahias old areas as he is now on his last week of
missionary work! great example and friend!!!

Love you all and hope you had a great sunday!!!!
Thank you for your prayers and LOVE!!!
Elder Jackson
P.s I still havent found my licence--of course my identity is the only
thing I would lose over 2 years
#losingyourselfinthework? hahah
Love you!