Monday, March 23, 2015

Final Transfer!!!


Hows it going!! sounds like a super fun week back at home -- super
jealous of the soccer fun but ya know getting to go play beach soccer
today for pday will suffice!! haha

This week was extremely busy with saying goodbyes and teaching the
area along with pushing the work along in Jinhae! Elder Wilson Elder
Heo and I had a great time together planning and having exchanges
teaching 2 new investigators and inviting them both to baptism as well
as coming to the end of the week 3 investigators at church and 2 less
actives!! just a great way to finish things in Jinhae!! Serving with
Elder Heo and Elder Wilson was a HUGE blessing we had so much fun and
I learned a lot from two great Elders!!

I arrived to the mission office last night and was filled in for the
next 2-3 hours on what we would be working on and doing in the next
few weeks- Lots going on and lots to plan for but now in a threesome
with Elder Kim insu and Elder Mangakahia things should roll smoothly!!
(we hope ㅋㅋㅋ) haha

Thats really about it for this week not a lot new that I can put on to
paper or in a letter right now- lots of interesting thoughts and
feelings . Already new experiences and repeats of many as well. I am
so grateful to be serving the Lord and His children in Korea- The love
that they have for us and the love that I have for them has truly
increased and continues to grow each day! I can only imagine the Love
that Heavenly Father has for each of us- for the joy He feels when we
are doing what is right and for the sadness He has when we are going
through the trials of life. I know He lives, Loves and guides us

Thank you always for the love you send through your prayers and
emails! I could never express the influence and help that it gives in
each moment of every day!!!
Love you all,
Elder Jackson

Because my words are few ill hook you up with some pics!!
Love you!! the picture in front of the blackboard is with an
investigator I started teaching in changwon (first area)!! I was there
on an exchange an he was there for english class

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