Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chinese New Year and Release date!

And now the real message..
So this week felt like a total of 3 days put together..mostly due to
lunar new year making everyday feeel like only seconds. I forgot again
how much of Korea shuts doen for the holidays, but we had more
appointments than normal and they were all really great!!!
Last monday I bought a suit!!! it is still needing to be tailored and
so I havent taken a picture yet but i like it a lot- ill try to get a
pic to you next week! but on monday and tuesday we spent a lot of our
time continuing to find and visit less active members- definitely not
the easiest thing but it gives a feeling of accomplishment and peace
as we recieve the information about these members!
Wednesday Thursday and friday was the holiday- so we had 3-4
appointments with members that included eating delicious and hearing
about the traditions of each family during the season. We also were
able to go on a beautiful hike with our bishop- It was great to spend
some time with him. His family is now living in Provo for school and
so besides speaking with them through skype once or twice a week he is
often alone at the church or home- so a great time to spend with him
iver the New Year. We also had the opportunity to visit the US Navy
base in Jinhae- There is an American couple who live on the base- the wife is a member but her husband is not- They so however
come to church together for all three hours each week- super awesome
couple! This week on thursday we headed over and made rice cake soup
and a kimchi side and celebrated "Chinese New Year" with them! It was
a great time we had an awesome lesson and he committed to take the
lessons! Crazy teaching in english... it has been a really long
time... hahah and to end the night- nothing better than Ice cream
sundaes and brownies- also been a very long time^^ haha
To end our week we had a very busy saturday- our morning soccer a
member appointment and then to our englsih class which ended early for
a ward "friendshipping" activity hahah We line danced!! haha It was
super fun! a few of the members had learned a few different line
dances and were able to teach them to us and so we had a great time- 2
investigators and a few less active members came and so a successful
and fun meeting for everyone!!!
This week I did get a call from mission headquarters with the
confirmation that my flight will leave korea on the 3rd of june.. so
although it wasnt my favorite thing to hear it gave a lot of time to
reflect and not only see the things that I have been able to do but
also see the things that I need to do! As I was thinking about the
many things that have come I was able really to again realize how
amazing the Atonement is- How much of a blessing it is in our lives if
we choose to access the power that it gives. I love learning of the
Atonement in the Book of Mormon and know that that is one of the
purposes of this scripture- to testify of Christ as our SAvior and
Redeemer and to help us find peace in this life and in the life to
I am so thankful for the Lords work- the Work of Salvation!!! It is a
work of miracles and joy!!
Thank you for your prayers and love!! We feel the influence of it all
as we serve each day!! Love you all!!!
ELder Jackson!!

ps tell cameron hi and to email me!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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