Monday, February 16, 2015

February 1, 2015

So yeah not sure what or how i will fill in the two weeks that have passed- all I have to say is that miracles of all shapes and sizes have been being given to Elder Lee and I. We are staying together for his last transfer!! and our area had some change ups-- instead of a four man we turned back into a two man and are bringing in a team of sisters that will be training- so in other words in for a great time! 
The last week of last transfer was a bit of a stressful one with waiting for transfer calls and trying to do all that we could for a possible transfer ... thankfully we passed though thursday working at a higher level and just continued to keep going! We got a new assignment from our bishop that week to visit every member in the area- active less active- ALL! and so we have been working a lot on organizing the lists that we have received so that we can do it all in the next month- about 300 people and so our schedule filled really fast! 
So this week with bringing in the sisters team we got to prep their house a bit and we have had a few meetings together with them that have allowed us to continue doing the normal activities and help them start more smoothly in the new area. And off of the planning and preparing from last week we were able to visit about 20 houses and as most less active visits go- lots of "they moved like 3 years ago..." answers at the door. But yesterday as we went out to visit we were able to meet an awesome man whose son is less active. The father not a member but let us in gave us some water and we were able to have a  great talk and mini lesson with him! His daughter is actually now living in Bountiful and although he calls himself as atheist he was thankful for the impact that it has had on his families lives.
So it has not been an extremely exciting 2 weeks but we have been working hard and trying our best to open our eyes to the miracles that the Lord is working so that we may be able to see and feel them and help those around us recognize the same miracles in their life! A huge part of our studies recently have been based off of the lessons we have had. They have a lot of questions that they don't feel like they are getting answers to and so we have changed our focus more and more on the influence and power of the Spirit and what His role is in our conversion. It has been a great week to learn more about the Godhead and the blessings that we receive as we strive daily to keep the commandments and weekly as we partake of the Sacrament. I really felt the importance of recognizing that although the Holy Ghost does not have a body He is a God and having that influence in our lives is necessary in order to progress and repent. As we do these things that same God - The Holy Ghost- is able to give us the remission of our sins so that we can be clean again. He has a unique and very important role in helping Heavenly Father accomplish His goal of all of His children receiving Eternal Life. And it is all made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. They Live Love us and are working together with all they can to help guide us through the trials of life. The milestones that we need to face in order to gain the experience and knowledge that our Heavenly Father has prepared. I know that they are right next to us standing near and waiting for us to call upon Them trust Them and walk with Them. To end this week I was able to teach gospel principles class about exaltation where in I found now one of my favorite quotes-Joseph Smith taught: “It is the first principle of the Gospel to know for a certainty the Character of God. … He was once a man like us; … God himself, the Father of us all, dwelt on an earth, the same as Jesus Christ himself did." I know that as we strive to live in a way to understand who our Father is, He will bless us with every necessity that will lead us to life with Him, His Son, and with our families!!!!
I love you all so much and always can feel your support love a prayers- they are being heard and answered as we are about doing the Fathers work!
Love you tons,
Elder Jackson

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