Monday, February 16, 2015

Concrete Jungle of Korea. 2/9/15

Hows it goin?!?! The fact that each week progressively gets faster is really nuts. I never thought that I would wake up each morning and go to bed each night not even feeling the days as they went... but as they go by the Lord is constantly guiding and helping us accomplish the things which we need to do. This week has been full of so many small miracles that we really cannot count them all.
 Last week after our p-day we made and organized the less active members that we were going to visit for the upcoming week- 35 houses. And so we started and as we walked through the concrete jungle of Korea we were able to find more information and meet more people than I ever have before when searching for less active members- we have confirmed every home that we visited as either living there or as moved - most of the time it is a huge question mark because no one is ever home or they dont answer or they tell us to go away before we can ask haha but it was a great faith builder as we were striving to accomplish the things which our Priesthood leaders had asked us to do! This was a continually finding throughout the week and as we did that we also prepared and had our meeting with the stake leaders, had MLCM and were able to go out to the furthest are in our zone for a baptismal interview and make it back (round trip of 4hrs and 30mins). It was quite the week. There is a promise that is given to all those who work with the Spirit in  helping others come unto Christ, that we will not be weary that we will have His strength and His direction in all things! I know that to be true as we have been able to feel it this week! 
 Well throughout the week we have also been working on trying to use the Book of Mormon more in our tracting and all phases of the work, this allowed us to find some amazing people this week! so my favorite story of the week- as wee were riding the bus down to the mission home for MLCM we were studying as we were riding the bus and all of the sudden the person sitting behind me leans forward and says in perfect english, "hey you can put you seat back if you would like." I was really shocked hah but as we continued to talk it turns out that he studied in Malaysia for 2 years and learned english there and is looking for more opportunities to speak. not only that but his parents also want him to choose his own religion and set his own beliefs and he said "I dont want to go to hell" haha well that lead into a discussion of the plan of salvation and his contact number- although he doesnt live in our area I was so thankful that the Lord literally gave me the opportunity to open my mouth and share His gospel!! 
In response to Dads insight on prayer, I think that there is a lot that can be prayed for. As missionaries we work hard but sometimes as we are working we forget to stop and look to see who the Lord has prepared for us to touch and be in contact with. There also are a lot of people who needs those prayers that they may be able to recognize the Lord hand in there life. I also know that this isnt something that each member of the church can feel as they pray for the ability to share the gospel and help the missionaries in their efforts! I am so thankful for you prayers and for your example as you work with the missionaries to bring others back into the boat!!! Dad you are a great example to me and I love to hear that you are helping the missionaries create miracles!^^ 
Love you all!!
Thank you for everything!!!! Good luck with the tournaments and things coming up soon! stay safe and have fun!!!
Love you all!!!
Elder Jackson

Ps... brad dope magic??? what in the world haha 

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