Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas Skype

So yeah Christmas call was a blast!!! Loved getting to see you all and talk and see what has been going on over the last 6 months!!! Such a great way to start the morning leading into an exciting day!!!
We left the house after the phone call and headed straight to the bus stop for an hour bus ride down to the Masan stake center where we then got straight to work setting everything up and preparing the last minute bits for our Christmas English Festival!! Although our goal was not even close to being reached, we had a great show of investigators and members from each ward or branch and had a great time playing our games and making Christmas presents and ornaments for family friends and for ourselves-- and ended the party with a great message including the HeistheGift video!! really a great activity lots learned and lots gained!! we are excited to plan for the next up and coming activities that our stake has planned!!
We ended Christmas night with some Chicken Feet and hot chocolate!! Another fun way to end a great day!
Friday we helped some members move into a new house using some pretty nifty techniques haha a piano 2 fridges a few large bookselves and a washing machine all moved to the 4th floor of an apartment with no elevator and with out using stairs-- the moving trucks in korea also include a ladder with a platform on it that lifts everything up to where it needs to be--used in all cases- the tallest Ive seen is maybe 20 floors- hah but after that headed back down to Masan for a district proselyting activity handing out 500+ pass along cards with the link to the He is the gift video-- with 10 missionaries a big board and a lot of people we were able to over pass our goal in an hour and a half!!! It was quite a miracle which also has brought a new investigator for two of the 5 teams by the next day!!
Saturday played soccer and had our english class and then had the chance to go down to 도계 to see a baptism of a little girl. The father of the family was really less active last year when I first came to Korea and with receiving permission Elder Park and I taught him and he started coming back to church. It has now been a year and so saturday the father was able to baptize his daughter!! such a sweet experience and so lucky to be able to be so close so that we could go down to see it!!!!
With that we ended our week well and had a great last sunday of the year yesterday!!! 
Thanks again for everything and for a great Christmas call!!!
Love you all so much and am so thankful to be part of such a well formed family^^ ㅋㅋㅋ
Love you!!! KICC <3
Elder Jackson

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