Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This week, wow talk about alot of planning and a lot of fun!! We had a total of three large meetings to plan and prepare for this week- One zone meeting, Held in masan where Elder Wilson is serving right now and a really great meeting! We finished planning last week but getting the preparation all set took longer than what we expected all turned out ok and we ended up with a very spiritual uplifting meeting. The first announcement that was made by the Assistants was that we have now been asked to share the video Share the Gift with as many people as possible! Such an awesome short simple message with so much meaning to it. As I watched the video for the first time, it really made me think again about Christ and the many gifts that He has given us-- if you read in Isaiah 9:6 it also declared Him as a gift to the world! Truly a blessing and so excited to share it this Christmas season!!
The second meeting was an English Camp that we ended up throwing together in a week!! The camp was set up as an english village and there was everything from "No rice No problems Super Market" to  "Please be Quiet Library" and "Master Lee's Concert Hall" and of course City Hall with a jail to help everyone speaking english. It was a really fun activity we had about 30 people attend and had a great time teaching and speaking english with each other-- the worst part about the camp though was that I was caught speaking Korean and so I was then thrown into jail.... sometimes habits can hurt hahah
The third meeting was our presentation to the ward about the social media project. We had our meeting with the bishop and ward mission leader last week and both of them liked it a lot and wanted to start as soon as possible and so we started today!! Yesterday after the presentation we had a lot of excited leaders and youth that were ready to start spreading the videos and messages of the church to help push on the Work of Salvation!! 
Outside of those activities this week we had a great time at our service project going to a "mini-store" where they were selling things that were made by the seniors that live there and by those that work there- It is so fun going to this Senior Center and talking and spending time with them! I was also interviewed in English by a college student doing a project about pet peeves of the opposite gender-- that was interesting for sure but ya know.. hah 
With all of that this week has been great! I love being here doing what the Lord wants me to do and helping others find the joy and peace that comes in and through His Atonement! I love the urgency there is to this work, finding and helping rescue those who may have lost their path. I am thankful for the power of one and the importance of the ONE in this gospel. He is the ONE and through Him we can become ONE with our Heavenly Father. 
Thanks for everything!!!
Your prayers love and support are really being felt here- I cannot put in words the power that they have had this week on the work that we have been doing!!
Love you all so much!!!
Elder Jackson

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