Monday, December 8, 2014

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Hey hows it going???
This week has been so epic!!! unfortunately we have not had the most success with meeting and teaching investigators but working with members and preparing our many meetings and going on exchanges and everything is really busy-- 
So last week on tuesday we went to our service project and got to clean the cafe that the Senior center uses- and for the 2 hours the radio played some frank sinatra so just couldnt help but telling you all!! haha that night we had a way awesome Preach My Gospel class with a few of our members- We have this class once a week on tuesday nights and it was  initially created to help those preparing to go and serve missions but has opened up to whoever wants to come-- so we get to teach the members as well and help them recognize ways that they can more comfortably share the gospel. although there were only 2 members, we had a great time sharing our testimonies together and studying preach my gospel- It was through that class I came again to the conclusion that Preach my gospel is not just a study guide for missionaries in the field but ALL missionaries which means ALL members of the church- through Preach My Gospel we can learn and understand more deeply the basic principles of the gospel and help us recognize ways that we can follow Christ-of course. ^^

On Wednesday I got to go back to my training area for district meeting!!! way fun time!! and that district is awesome! Some of the missionaries that I am closest to are serving there! A really fun and spiritual meeting about the Book of Mormon! and after we started our exchange-- well I came back to jinhae with Elder Massimini and after visiting a less active we were out street contacting and found in a garbage pile a large tapestry of the last supper and so we picked it up and used it to start contacting people- of course it caught a lot of attention and it was just a fun easy way to share the message of Christ! 

On Thursday we had 2 lunches and really I felt so sick-- they were within a 3 hour period and so Elder Lee and I both were feeling pretty sick afterward-- thankfully the lunches were kimchi soup and meat so nothing bad but just a lot and thankfully not extremely heavy! and so later that night we ate silk worm. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

On Friday we got stuck in the church elevator for an hour....... we had alot of stuff that we had just brought back from our meeting down at the mission home and went straight to the church to meet a member and for the first time this transfer decided to take the elevator to the third floor where we had planned to meet-- well got to the third floor and the doors didnt open so there ya go luckily in the stuff we had there was this months Liahona and so we got to spend some time reading that while we waited for the mechanic.

Saturday was a normal saturday but sunday- anything but normal. It was fast sunday!! As elder lee broke our fast yesterday we talked about the feelings we have when we fast and are able to listen to the testimonies given in sacrament meeting- It truly is a time of spiritual growth and a time to really be in tune with the Holy Ghost! I am so thankful for that time we have set apart once a month to participate in the law of fasting- I know that through fasting and prayer we can understand the love of our Savior Jesus Christ and receive strength from Him!!

Love you all so much!! and as always thank you for your love prayers and support!!
ELder Jackson
#SharetheGift #Discoverthegift #HeistheGift

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