Monday, November 3, 2014

Zone Leader and transfer

HEY!!!! so yes I was transferred and so not only did I leave my home of bangeojin and the amazing members and my amazing trainee but also got called as zone leader and found out that I was white washing in with Elder Lee seokwoo!!! He trained one of the elders I came with and we both just finished training plus all the other times we met so we know each other fairly well!! One of the craziest parts about the area is that it was the other area in my district when I first came!! 진해!!! jinhae!!!!!! I dont know if you remember but today as we have come into the area just flashbacks like crazy started racing through my mind!!! so many good memories and so many awesome elders have served here as Zone leader and following there footsteps is going to be so fun!!!!

Well the last week in bangeojin-- did our best to visit all the members that we could to thank them for the help they gave for the Halloween party!! We made ghost candies and gave them to the members and less active members as we visited each day!! We didnt have a ton of appointments and now because we have had 3 baptisms in the last 3 months things have kind of slowed down and have reached another finding point-- but this next week as a new elder goes to bangeojin we left with many old investigators back in a bit of contact so hopefully they will be able to keep meeting with them!! 
 This week as we met with recent converts  a few times ate with them and said our final goodbyes they were bummed because they thought that I would send them off- not that they would send me off!!! hahah It was really hard saying goodbye to them but I am already planning to go be with them when they go through the temple as a family next year at this time!!! 

Fun things of the week--- we ate a ton of food this week provided by members including--- Live octopus!!!!! hahhaa It was so good and way nuts to feel it move around in you mouth when you put it in.... holy smokes!! so fun to eat!!!!
 hahah Now in jinhae I am living in a 4 elder house for the first time -- the one that we met when we went to the old mission presidents home hahaha things happen for a reason??? haha well thats about all for this week!! Love you all!!!
ELder Jackson

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