Friday, November 21, 2014

keeping a record


I cannot believe that we are already starting the 3 week of this transfer-- it feels like yesterday I was still in bangeojin and we were finishing our halloween party! hah but yeah next week is thanksgiving so ,,, the good new is - everything is going so well!!!

I love the jinhae area and members and we are constantly blessed with miracles everyday!! This week with all the meetings done and trying to figure out a little bit what it means to be a zone leader we got to settle in and got deep into finding those who have been prepared to hear the message we share-- On monday we were having an area meeting with the other team in jinhae and the bishop walked in and told us that there was going to be a special meeting on sunday- a member of the 70 Elder Jung, and the head of church history, Brother Turley, were going to be visiting and so they set a goal of having 10 investigators at church and asked for our help. Well the status in jinhae right now is a little interesting- last transfer the other team was white washed in and then this transfer we came white washed in so alot of past investigators disappeared for both teams but we set our plan to try to get the 10 investigators there-- the result 4 came-- and that is more than we could have asked for because 3 of the four were brought by members and by calling and inviting as many past investigators as we could we were able to make appointments for this up and coming week!! such a miracle and blessing for all of us to hear then the words of Elder Jung and Brother Turley!

The fourth investigator that was there was actually an investigator that the missionaries here before us met once or twice-- because of death and trials in his family he decided to turn to Christ to find peace and hope- and through that he found our church! yesterday was our first time meeting him and you know that he was feeling the spirit because of the openess of his heart- willing to ask questions and share experiences and willing to participate! and then we had a short lesson with him in which he answered sincerely to each question and not only committed to read the Book of Mormon but also said from now on he would be attending church!!! Such a spiritual experience and again another miracle of the Lord!

The rest of this week has been fun! finding different ways to find and pulling out the winter clothes again because it is getting CHILLY!!! haha but still just a sweater and suit keep it warm- but next week we mat be pulling the coat as well! hah having a ton of fun with the two team house and learning alot as always!! 

Well just a last thought from Brother Turleys talks throughout our meetings yesterday-- His main two points to me were 1. remembering and 2 keeping a record. Our life story is important as every soul is great in the sight of God. When we keep a record to remember the events of our life, we also share our legacy and faith with the people we love and the generations to come! every event in our life has some worth something that we can learn from but sometimes we do not realize the importance until much later in our lives- as we keep record of our lives, we then allow our minds to be more open to the lessons which God has prepared for us to learn-- I am thankful for the journal I have kept throughout my mission and the blessings that it has brought me so far and am thankful for the examples of the blessing journal that you have all shared with me!!

and with that have a great week!!
Love you all!!
Elder Jackson

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