Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I can only imagine what brads blur of a week was like with how much of a blur ours was this week--- It flew by everyday felt like nothing but a few hours with lots getting done but also a lot that we had to continue to do and its not yet slowed down!
We spent all day tuesday making decorations and gathering supplies for our Halloween party, from balloons to boards to paper to sciccors to any arts and crafts anything that you could think of and then just got to work!
Tuesday we finished just about all we had to make and wednesday spent alot of the day getting things in the plces they needed to be for the activities that we had planned!! WEdnesday continued with the planning and setting up and then Thursday went to another area for a Zone Conference where we really were able to feel the Spirit and learn more about our purpose!!! I love being able to hear the testimonies of so many people who are rooted in the doctrine of Christ, who understand why they are here and what their purpose is not only as a missionary but as a Child of God!!! that is one of the greatest blessings of being able to serve!!!
On friday while the sister missionaries and my companion finished the last touches of the Halloween set I went up to the Zone Leaders area for a fun exchange-- lots of contacting and soccer in the morning!
ANd then it came the most stressfilled and fun three days of my mission I am almost sure! Saturday after returning to bangeojin we went straight in to decorating with the young men and youngwomen, hanging up the decorations made or brought from members and cutting out many more to add to the atmosphere of the party!! after three quick hours the party started with our english classes- word search and jeopardy for the older students and games and trick or treating for our kids class!! from 5-6 we carved pumpkins and continued making last preparations and changes for the games that we played from 6-7 and closed the festivites with food made by the members from about 7-8.. so much help from the members and from the other missionaries in our district!!! Sunday the craziness continued with preparing the baptism and going away dinner for (recent convert) and his wife, now a recent convert!! Elder Bingham Tira and Payne ( all missionaries who taught the family) were able to attend the baptism service and the party!! such a fun time for all of us to see each other again and feel the love from the family all that night!
We spent our extra time visiting past investigators and meeting with them and then elder bingham tira and their companions all stayed in our two man house last night and early this morning we all took a trip to meet the rest of the mission for yet another 5k-- yes I did beat my last time!! really fun to get out and just run with and see everyone today!!!
and with that this week is the last week of the transfer-- now having been in bangeojin for 7 months it may be time for me to head out-- and I guess we will see! lots to do still and thursday will come so quick!!
Through meeting with sister lee there was one thing she said in our last meeting on tuesday that has continually stuck with me- that is the power of prayer!! SHe came to realize that prayer is not waiting for the answer but searching for it- not asking God to change His will but changing to match His!! such a testimony of the fundamentals of the Gospel that help us become truly converted!
Love you all tons!!! Thanks for the prayers and Love !!!!!
Elder Jackson

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