Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Prep

Hey hows it going!! things just get busier and busier no matter where you are in the world!! just as you have all picked up what sounds to be busy schedules things have been rolling crazy around here as well-- trying to get all the last minute stuff in for the Halloween Party and prepare a baptism service for next Sunday!! which means yes (our recent convert) and his wife  came to church yesterday for all three hours- she participated not only in the sacrament but also in our Gospel principles class and in relief society!! and then to add to it- they heard about a baptism that was happening in our zone and so they took a drive as a family up to see one more baptism before she will be baptized next week!! The interview has already taken place and so now just a time of waiting-- they will also be heading out to Canada next week sometime and so it will be quite the way to bring close to the end of the 5th transfer in Bangeojin!! 
So other news is just normal-- not anything too new. trying to find new investigators and picking up more in contacting and finding less active members again-- we have some great less active members that we are meeting with now.. it is a bummer sometimes to see the loss of hope and interest in what brought them so much joy no more than a few years ago and more than that the less active members who have to work on sundays to support their family and just hard situations that prevent them from participating in the Sacrament...
however when they do come there is always such a sweet spirit and when they bare their testimonies to us, you can feel the strong conversion that is waiting to come out of them!!! Patience is key haha 
working with members has also been a big part of last week-- we split the branch in half and we visited all but about 3 families in preparation for helping friends come to the halloween party-- as we met with each family we were able to talk with each family member about people who they would invite to the party and had a short role play and message to help as well!! We have been planning with a goal for 100 people but yesterday as the planning came to a close it may be up to 150 so we will see if our goal will come to be!! 
and so that is about all for this week!! always thank you for you prayers and for the Halloween Package!!! we have loved eating really sweet cereal and candy up the wall haha!! and the pins are perfect!!! we werent able to see them this week but next week we will give them! 
Love you bunches! have a great week!!
Elder Jackson

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