Monday, November 3, 2014

엄마!!!!!! 생일축하합니다!~!!^^ 사랑해요!!!!

엄마!!!!!! 생일축하합니다!~!!^^
hows it going!!! so first what I just sent hope it looks familiar but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! love you so much!! and so thankful for all you do for me!!! I feel of all your prayers and love daily and know that Heavenly Father is watching over each of us just as he did for the sons of Mosiah as they went out to serve the lamanites!! Just as ammon was protected as he cut off arm after arm, I know that we will all be protected from the strikes that satan tries to make because Heavenly Father loves us!!!!!

and with that conference was just maybe the best of the mission!!! The testimonies of the servants of God spoke so powerfully to me as I know they did to many others and how perfect was the theme of trusting in the prophets and coming to know of truth!! Those two points are what really do lead us to Eternal life and was taught by Elder Robert D. Hales. 
It was a really uplifting conference for us here and really brought strength, knowledge, and confirmation of the spiritual truths taught within the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Well this week we had two exchanges which put us in a three man companionship for both of the exchanges in other words we traveled alot back and forth between a few of our surrounding areas and spent alot of time on buses- really nuts in korea I dont know if you remember my explanation but basically a rollercoaster without seatbelts and add in the part where you have to stand u[ half the time makes it fun! haha 

This week our recent converts wife set a for sure date for the 26th of this month!!! The biggest problem that we have with her is that she "couldnt" come to church, well we thought for weeks of how to help her and when it came down to it we pulled out preach my gospel and looked at the list of requirements for baptism given by the first presidency and she said-- I didnt realize that it was that important but now it makes sense on why I have to attend sacrament meeting. It is to help prepare us for being baptized- I will do all I can to be there next week!!"
and so another miracle in our little peninsula of bangeojin!!! 

Hope you have a great day!! today its raining cats and dogs and wind is going nuts so we are just chilling hah!
Love you so much!!!!
Elder Jackson

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