Friday, November 21, 2014

keeping a record


I cannot believe that we are already starting the 3 week of this transfer-- it feels like yesterday I was still in bangeojin and we were finishing our halloween party! hah but yeah next week is thanksgiving so ,,, the good new is - everything is going so well!!!

I love the jinhae area and members and we are constantly blessed with miracles everyday!! This week with all the meetings done and trying to figure out a little bit what it means to be a zone leader we got to settle in and got deep into finding those who have been prepared to hear the message we share-- On monday we were having an area meeting with the other team in jinhae and the bishop walked in and told us that there was going to be a special meeting on sunday- a member of the 70 Elder Jung, and the head of church history, Brother Turley, were going to be visiting and so they set a goal of having 10 investigators at church and asked for our help. Well the status in jinhae right now is a little interesting- last transfer the other team was white washed in and then this transfer we came white washed in so alot of past investigators disappeared for both teams but we set our plan to try to get the 10 investigators there-- the result 4 came-- and that is more than we could have asked for because 3 of the four were brought by members and by calling and inviting as many past investigators as we could we were able to make appointments for this up and coming week!! such a miracle and blessing for all of us to hear then the words of Elder Jung and Brother Turley!

The fourth investigator that was there was actually an investigator that the missionaries here before us met once or twice-- because of death and trials in his family he decided to turn to Christ to find peace and hope- and through that he found our church! yesterday was our first time meeting him and you know that he was feeling the spirit because of the openess of his heart- willing to ask questions and share experiences and willing to participate! and then we had a short lesson with him in which he answered sincerely to each question and not only committed to read the Book of Mormon but also said from now on he would be attending church!!! Such a spiritual experience and again another miracle of the Lord!

The rest of this week has been fun! finding different ways to find and pulling out the winter clothes again because it is getting CHILLY!!! haha but still just a sweater and suit keep it warm- but next week we mat be pulling the coat as well! hah having a ton of fun with the two team house and learning alot as always!! 

Well just a last thought from Brother Turleys talks throughout our meetings yesterday-- His main two points to me were 1. remembering and 2 keeping a record. Our life story is important as every soul is great in the sight of God. When we keep a record to remember the events of our life, we also share our legacy and faith with the people we love and the generations to come! every event in our life has some worth something that we can learn from but sometimes we do not realize the importance until much later in our lives- as we keep record of our lives, we then allow our minds to be more open to the lessons which God has prepared for us to learn-- I am thankful for the journal I have kept throughout my mission and the blessings that it has brought me so far and am thankful for the examples of the blessing journal that you have all shared with me!!

and with that have a great week!!
Love you all!!
Elder Jackson

Monday, November 3, 2014

Zone Leader and transfer

HEY!!!! so yes I was transferred and so not only did I leave my home of bangeojin and the amazing members and my amazing trainee but also got called as zone leader and found out that I was white washing in with Elder Lee seokwoo!!! He trained one of the elders I came with and we both just finished training plus all the other times we met so we know each other fairly well!! One of the craziest parts about the area is that it was the other area in my district when I first came!! 진해!!! jinhae!!!!!! I dont know if you remember but today as we have come into the area just flashbacks like crazy started racing through my mind!!! so many good memories and so many awesome elders have served here as Zone leader and following there footsteps is going to be so fun!!!!

Well the last week in bangeojin-- did our best to visit all the members that we could to thank them for the help they gave for the Halloween party!! We made ghost candies and gave them to the members and less active members as we visited each day!! We didnt have a ton of appointments and now because we have had 3 baptisms in the last 3 months things have kind of slowed down and have reached another finding point-- but this next week as a new elder goes to bangeojin we left with many old investigators back in a bit of contact so hopefully they will be able to keep meeting with them!! 
 This week as we met with recent converts  a few times ate with them and said our final goodbyes they were bummed because they thought that I would send them off- not that they would send me off!!! hahah It was really hard saying goodbye to them but I am already planning to go be with them when they go through the temple as a family next year at this time!!! 

Fun things of the week--- we ate a ton of food this week provided by members including--- Live octopus!!!!! hahhaa It was so good and way nuts to feel it move around in you mouth when you put it in.... holy smokes!! so fun to eat!!!!
 hahah Now in jinhae I am living in a 4 elder house for the first time -- the one that we met when we went to the old mission presidents home hahaha things happen for a reason??? haha well thats about all for this week!! Love you all!!!
ELder Jackson

Happy Halloween!

I can only imagine what brads blur of a week was like with how much of a blur ours was this week--- It flew by everyday felt like nothing but a few hours with lots getting done but also a lot that we had to continue to do and its not yet slowed down!
We spent all day tuesday making decorations and gathering supplies for our Halloween party, from balloons to boards to paper to sciccors to any arts and crafts anything that you could think of and then just got to work!
Tuesday we finished just about all we had to make and wednesday spent alot of the day getting things in the plces they needed to be for the activities that we had planned!! WEdnesday continued with the planning and setting up and then Thursday went to another area for a Zone Conference where we really were able to feel the Spirit and learn more about our purpose!!! I love being able to hear the testimonies of so many people who are rooted in the doctrine of Christ, who understand why they are here and what their purpose is not only as a missionary but as a Child of God!!! that is one of the greatest blessings of being able to serve!!!
On friday while the sister missionaries and my companion finished the last touches of the Halloween set I went up to the Zone Leaders area for a fun exchange-- lots of contacting and soccer in the morning!
ANd then it came the most stressfilled and fun three days of my mission I am almost sure! Saturday after returning to bangeojin we went straight in to decorating with the young men and youngwomen, hanging up the decorations made or brought from members and cutting out many more to add to the atmosphere of the party!! after three quick hours the party started with our english classes- word search and jeopardy for the older students and games and trick or treating for our kids class!! from 5-6 we carved pumpkins and continued making last preparations and changes for the games that we played from 6-7 and closed the festivites with food made by the members from about 7-8.. so much help from the members and from the other missionaries in our district!!! Sunday the craziness continued with preparing the baptism and going away dinner for (recent convert) and his wife, now a recent convert!! Elder Bingham Tira and Payne ( all missionaries who taught the family) were able to attend the baptism service and the party!! such a fun time for all of us to see each other again and feel the love from the family all that night!
We spent our extra time visiting past investigators and meeting with them and then elder bingham tira and their companions all stayed in our two man house last night and early this morning we all took a trip to meet the rest of the mission for yet another 5k-- yes I did beat my last time!! really fun to get out and just run with and see everyone today!!!
and with that this week is the last week of the transfer-- now having been in bangeojin for 7 months it may be time for me to head out-- and I guess we will see! lots to do still and thursday will come so quick!!
Through meeting with sister lee there was one thing she said in our last meeting on tuesday that has continually stuck with me- that is the power of prayer!! SHe came to realize that prayer is not waiting for the answer but searching for it- not asking God to change His will but changing to match His!! such a testimony of the fundamentals of the Gospel that help us become truly converted!
Love you all tons!!! Thanks for the prayers and Love !!!!!
Elder Jackson

Halloween Prep

Hey hows it going!! things just get busier and busier no matter where you are in the world!! just as you have all picked up what sounds to be busy schedules things have been rolling crazy around here as well-- trying to get all the last minute stuff in for the Halloween Party and prepare a baptism service for next Sunday!! which means yes (our recent convert) and his wife  came to church yesterday for all three hours- she participated not only in the sacrament but also in our Gospel principles class and in relief society!! and then to add to it- they heard about a baptism that was happening in our zone and so they took a drive as a family up to see one more baptism before she will be baptized next week!! The interview has already taken place and so now just a time of waiting-- they will also be heading out to Canada next week sometime and so it will be quite the way to bring close to the end of the 5th transfer in Bangeojin!! 
So other news is just normal-- not anything too new. trying to find new investigators and picking up more in contacting and finding less active members again-- we have some great less active members that we are meeting with now.. it is a bummer sometimes to see the loss of hope and interest in what brought them so much joy no more than a few years ago and more than that the less active members who have to work on sundays to support their family and just hard situations that prevent them from participating in the Sacrament...
however when they do come there is always such a sweet spirit and when they bare their testimonies to us, you can feel the strong conversion that is waiting to come out of them!!! Patience is key haha 
working with members has also been a big part of last week-- we split the branch in half and we visited all but about 3 families in preparation for helping friends come to the halloween party-- as we met with each family we were able to talk with each family member about people who they would invite to the party and had a short role play and message to help as well!! We have been planning with a goal for 100 people but yesterday as the planning came to a close it may be up to 150 so we will see if our goal will come to be!! 
and so that is about all for this week!! always thank you for you prayers and for the Halloween Package!!! we have loved eating really sweet cereal and candy up the wall haha!! and the pins are perfect!!! we werent able to see them this week but next week we will give them! 
Love you bunches! have a great week!!
Elder Jackson

엄마!!!!!! 생일축하합니다!~!!^^ 사랑해요!!!!

엄마!!!!!! 생일축하합니다!~!!^^
hows it going!!! so first what I just sent hope it looks familiar but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! love you so much!! and so thankful for all you do for me!!! I feel of all your prayers and love daily and know that Heavenly Father is watching over each of us just as he did for the sons of Mosiah as they went out to serve the lamanites!! Just as ammon was protected as he cut off arm after arm, I know that we will all be protected from the strikes that satan tries to make because Heavenly Father loves us!!!!!

and with that conference was just maybe the best of the mission!!! The testimonies of the servants of God spoke so powerfully to me as I know they did to many others and how perfect was the theme of trusting in the prophets and coming to know of truth!! Those two points are what really do lead us to Eternal life and was taught by Elder Robert D. Hales. 
It was a really uplifting conference for us here and really brought strength, knowledge, and confirmation of the spiritual truths taught within the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Well this week we had two exchanges which put us in a three man companionship for both of the exchanges in other words we traveled alot back and forth between a few of our surrounding areas and spent alot of time on buses- really nuts in korea I dont know if you remember my explanation but basically a rollercoaster without seatbelts and add in the part where you have to stand u[ half the time makes it fun! haha 

This week our recent converts wife set a for sure date for the 26th of this month!!! The biggest problem that we have with her is that she "couldnt" come to church, well we thought for weeks of how to help her and when it came down to it we pulled out preach my gospel and looked at the list of requirements for baptism given by the first presidency and she said-- I didnt realize that it was that important but now it makes sense on why I have to attend sacrament meeting. It is to help prepare us for being baptized- I will do all I can to be there next week!!"
and so another miracle in our little peninsula of bangeojin!!! 

Hope you have a great day!! today its raining cats and dogs and wind is going nuts so we are just chilling hah!
Love you so much!!!!
Elder Jackson