Monday, October 6, 2014

weather is changing pants are ripping

Hey Ho and what do you know- another week flying by like no big deal but really its a big deal haha weather is changing pants are ripping(only one pair^^) and getting ready to go back into suits next week--! The craziest thing about it is that I have now been in bangeojin for 6 months starting in spring and working well into fall-- everyday when we walk outside it just feels extremely normal but really really weird all at the same  time.   
Well this week has been a solid one lots of street contacting as well as english class advertisement and now working into planning for our halloween party-- we have come up with some really sweet ideas and our goal is getting 100 people to attend so the ideas have to come out well!! over the next two weeks we will be working with our branch members and with our district members to make it the party of the year!
This week we had a few meetings with some new investigators and got a little more information on our recent converts as to why they have not been coming to church- both of them working hard with school and one of them having opposition from family has been making it hard but we have been making plans to help them progress and continue to be nurtured by the word of God-- This week we had quite the time as we called a member who was baptized right before I came and his wife said she wanted to be baptized next sunday-- unfortunately she didnt come to church yesterday and so she cant but we will be setting a new goal and day for her to be baptized this month and before they move to Canada!!!
I dont know everything else is just going normal and because its normal Im gonna say its good!! I love this area and the members that are here!! I love the miracles that happen as we just try our best and I love the Spirit of God that I can feel as we study prepare plan and teach!!!!
Thanks for your love and your example and support!!!
Love you bunches!!!
Elder Jackson
For our english class we want to read scary stories could you send some through email or like a crossword puzzle or something thatd be sweet!!!
Loves ya!!

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