Monday, September 22, 2014

prayer and commitment

Ok so today we had transfer meeting- found out our whole entire zone except for the zone leaders and sister training leaders will be in training this transfer aka our mission is turning way young and its crazy!!! haha but alot of fun!!!
This week again flew by - had exchanges with a great elder-  who Is now in his last transfer! the best is gettting to learn from the older missionaries as they have experiences with so many different people and different ways of doing the work! so lots of fun for me!! Had an aweome district meeting about prayer! what it really means to pray and how we pray- Its interesting how as a missionary you forget some of the basics sometimes- but the power of prayer really came to life this last week! then we just kept going with the norms- englsih class has boosted to 10 people attending the last 2 classes plus an increase of people looking on the blog!! way fun!! 
Ended this week with a baptism interview for one of our Kids class moms who will be baptized this friday!! the sisters have done a great job with teaching her and she is truly prepared to enter into the waters of baptism!!!
We had again one of the most intense meetings I have ever had as a missionary- He came in with a few excuses and then straight up said - I want to be straight with you.... religion is not my thing.... well talk about bringing a few thoughts back from our 7 year english investigator- really a rough moment but through the Spirit and a prayer which jackie said right there and then in the room we were able to keep him as an investigator and will hopefully be able to help him come closer to that baptism commitment! 
Thats about all for now not much time so have a good day and until next week..
Love you
Elder JAckson

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