Thursday, September 11, 2014

more miracles

HEY!!!! hows it going??? sounds solid but busier than ever back at home!! this week has been way solid and time just keeps on flying! 
this last week we started the new members lessons with our recent converts and had a great help from the young mens president in teaching the restoration!!! It is so nice to have another outlook as to how the lessons go and have just another person to be a witness of the truth of the gospel!!! The young mens president has been a way solid help to us with han sung jin and pak hyun su and will continue to be as they continue to learn and start preparing to serve a mission next year!^^ 
The young mens president also referred one of his friends to us a few weeks ago and so we were able to meet with him and invited him to start taking the lessons with us- no religious background but a really sincere heart with a desire to learn and so that is all we need!!!
and another huge miracle-- we have a 25 year old investigator who we have now met with 4 times he has attended church twice and last week we set a baptismal date for the 27 of this month!!  such a nice guy, way good at english and really open to the spirit!!!!! and so things are going really well here!!!
There has been huge help from the members and because it is 추석 or koreans thanksgiving we will be eating some delicious food over the next few days!!!!!! 
Yesterday was the main celebration and so to celebrate we had a mission 5k!!!! so fun and I was pretty impressed as I finished in 24 minutes.... but today I woke up feeling like an old man---- geez I cant even believe it!!! haha but it was a lot of fun being able to be with some of the mission to celebrate yesterday!!!
Recently I have been studying in the New Testament and now especially in Acts-- It is so cool to me the many miracles that the Lord works through His servants! but the reason is because they are obedient and recognize that they are witnesses of the Living Christ- throughout the first 18 chapters it mentions becoming a witness many times- and as we are baptized we also take a step in becoming those witnesses! I am so thankful for the example that you are all to me of being a witness of Christ!!! To tyler and everyone- think about what it means to be a witness of Christ and live accordingly- It is not an easy task and in Acts many receive persecution for it but the blessings of the Spirit that come from it are more of a reward than we can imagine!!
Thanks for everything!!
Love you 
Elder Jackson

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