Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Korean Thanksgiving round 2

HEY FAM!!!! hows it going??? 
Well this week has been a busy one as always!! After the celebrations ended it was like nothing happened hah everyone back in school busy working and the feel of just no time! but we were able to have a lot of fun and see a lot of really cool miracles!! so ... so start our recent converts:
han sung jin and pak hyunsoo- they are doing really well! we had another meeting with them this week and talked about the Book of Mormon and prayer- of course they were trying to keep these commitments before they were baptized but just right after it was almost as if they forgot a little bit and so being able to re-spark the flame in reading the Book of Mormon and praying was a really great experience for us! There have been a lot of the lessons we have been teaching recently that have been helping the investigator understand how these things can bless their lives and so it has been a great opportunity to study really what blessings I have received from keeping the commandments.!! 
Well- our investigator with a baptism date-- he is doing awesome! reading the Book of Mormon and praying and keeping the commitments that we have given-- this week however he stopped answering his phone from saturday until last night when he explained that something that is really difficult has come up and so we are meeting with him tonight to help him over come that challenge- not sure what it is yet even--so youll have to wait till next week!
also this week way cool miracle call from this random guy we talked to for a bit on the street-- he has a way nuts dialect so kinda hard for both my companion and I to understand but he is either from north korea or china and as we were talking he said he recognized us as servants of the Lord and that meeting us was Gods will-- well all things are too good to be true so he also said he doesnt need the Book of Mormon or the bible because that was in the past and Christ is already here -- anyway we will hopefully be meeting with him to talk about the book of mormon that he accepted hah
This week on friday we had a mission tour!!! Way fun Elder Aoiyagi (spell check) of the area presidency came and taught us in japanese which was then translated to english and then to korean! way crazy but awesome meeting learning alot about how we can hasten the work!!! one of the first things being just to smile!!! I always love those meetings and being able to receive guidance and instruction!!
That pretty much sums up this week! Thanks for your love!! ill try to send some pics but time is almost up-- we will see!
Have a great week!!!
Love you!!
Elder Jackson

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