Monday, September 29, 2014

Following the 'Still Small Voice"

Hey Fam!! hows it going?? sounds like you had a great week this week!! and just as much as you did over there, we did as well over here!!! This week was full of alot of miracles starting with just following a little voice and ending with the baptism of one of the mothers that attend our kids class!!
SO on sunday as we were walking to visit less active members my companion and I both had a feeling to stop wait and go back to the main road to proselyte before going on- well after a few seconds of talking about it we turned around to find three high school aged boys all laughing and joking so it began talked about the church ... no interest.. invited to english class... no interest but as we were talking with them this lady came up to us and asked if we atill taught our english class. As we continued talking she explained that it had been 10 years since she had come but was looking for us again and so we invtied her to our thursday class-- class came and so did she. she started talking with the sister missionaries and said she would be there again saturday. our baptism this week was on friday and so we did annouce that as well at englsih class and so at 630 the baptism service came and so did she- saturday she met with the sister missionaries and accspted a Book of Mormon and with a smile left saturdays english class!
Such a miracle and it really is just the start!!!
On sunday as well a family brought one of their kids friends to church and we just got to go from class to class with him helping him in his first ever church experience which was really fun for all three of us!!!
Other than that things have been pretty normal here just lots of work to do and not alot of time to do it so trying to get things all sorted out-- and everything seems to be working well.
Right now in bangeojin there are alot of "foreigners" that are here for work at the ship yards and so recently we have been meeting people from europe and sri lanka and even from texas and california- and one man from ukraine who asked us how many wifes he could have if he joined our church-- I dont know what street contacting is like in ukraine or America but if its anything like that it would be so much fun!!! haha
This next month we will have a Halloween party and wondering if you have any fun ideas for games??
Also if you can find tie pins with the salt lake temple on them and send me 3 that would be great!! Our ym leader wants to give them to han sung jin and pak hyunsu and then the third is for him!

Again sounds like eveything is great at home!!!
Hope you are all having a great time - all 4 of you... thats still way weird to me too!!
have a great week love you!!
Elder Jackson

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