Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hey fam hows it going!!!!!!!!  so this week was probably the most miraculous week of my mission!!! starting with a solid district conference and ending with..... a baptismal service of our 2 senior investigators!!! both baptized on saturday, and then confirmed on sunday with one of them also being interviewed and given the Aaronic Preisthood!!! So they are both well on there way to serving a mission next year!!!! hahaha really though if youwant to talk about a change in heart, you could see it shining through these two young men as they stood in the water ready to start a life clean through Christ!! and last night as we all went to our branch presidents house for a taco party they had time to express their feelings and really there is such a strong bond that we now have!!!
Well this week I dont know from monday until wednesday we just tried to find new investigators so lots of street proselyting and then thursday just hit with the last preparations for the baptism this week!! We did however have a way cool experience out side the baptism- one of the missionaries in our zone has less active relatives that live here and he got permission to come on an exchange and introduce them to us!!! it was really awesome to hear what they thought about the church still even though it had been a long time since they had last come~ the example of members really has had a lasting impression on them and they both have interest in coming back!!! 
Lots to do here in bangeojin and time isnt slowing!! so thankful for the opportunity I was given to continue to serve in such an amazing area where the Lord has prepared members for the work and His children to receive it!! 
Thanks for your love and prayers!!!
Elder Jackson

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