Monday, September 29, 2014

Following the 'Still Small Voice"

Hey Fam!! hows it going?? sounds like you had a great week this week!! and just as much as you did over there, we did as well over here!!! This week was full of alot of miracles starting with just following a little voice and ending with the baptism of one of the mothers that attend our kids class!!
SO on sunday as we were walking to visit less active members my companion and I both had a feeling to stop wait and go back to the main road to proselyte before going on- well after a few seconds of talking about it we turned around to find three high school aged boys all laughing and joking so it began talked about the church ... no interest.. invited to english class... no interest but as we were talking with them this lady came up to us and asked if we atill taught our english class. As we continued talking she explained that it had been 10 years since she had come but was looking for us again and so we invtied her to our thursday class-- class came and so did she. she started talking with the sister missionaries and said she would be there again saturday. our baptism this week was on friday and so we did annouce that as well at englsih class and so at 630 the baptism service came and so did she- saturday she met with the sister missionaries and accspted a Book of Mormon and with a smile left saturdays english class!
Such a miracle and it really is just the start!!!
On sunday as well a family brought one of their kids friends to church and we just got to go from class to class with him helping him in his first ever church experience which was really fun for all three of us!!!
Other than that things have been pretty normal here just lots of work to do and not alot of time to do it so trying to get things all sorted out-- and everything seems to be working well.
Right now in bangeojin there are alot of "foreigners" that are here for work at the ship yards and so recently we have been meeting people from europe and sri lanka and even from texas and california- and one man from ukraine who asked us how many wifes he could have if he joined our church-- I dont know what street contacting is like in ukraine or America but if its anything like that it would be so much fun!!! haha
This next month we will have a Halloween party and wondering if you have any fun ideas for games??
Also if you can find tie pins with the salt lake temple on them and send me 3 that would be great!! Our ym leader wants to give them to han sung jin and pak hyunsu and then the third is for him!

Again sounds like eveything is great at home!!!
Hope you are all having a great time - all 4 of you... thats still way weird to me too!!
have a great week love you!!
Elder Jackson

Monday, September 22, 2014

prayer and commitment

Ok so today we had transfer meeting- found out our whole entire zone except for the zone leaders and sister training leaders will be in training this transfer aka our mission is turning way young and its crazy!!! haha but alot of fun!!!
This week again flew by - had exchanges with a great elder-  who Is now in his last transfer! the best is gettting to learn from the older missionaries as they have experiences with so many different people and different ways of doing the work! so lots of fun for me!! Had an aweome district meeting about prayer! what it really means to pray and how we pray- Its interesting how as a missionary you forget some of the basics sometimes- but the power of prayer really came to life this last week! then we just kept going with the norms- englsih class has boosted to 10 people attending the last 2 classes plus an increase of people looking on the blog!! way fun!! 
Ended this week with a baptism interview for one of our Kids class moms who will be baptized this friday!! the sisters have done a great job with teaching her and she is truly prepared to enter into the waters of baptism!!!
We had again one of the most intense meetings I have ever had as a missionary- He came in with a few excuses and then straight up said - I want to be straight with you.... religion is not my thing.... well talk about bringing a few thoughts back from our 7 year english investigator- really a rough moment but through the Spirit and a prayer which jackie said right there and then in the room we were able to keep him as an investigator and will hopefully be able to help him come closer to that baptism commitment! 
Thats about all for now not much time so have a good day and until next week..
Love you
Elder JAckson

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Korean Thanksgiving round 2

HEY FAM!!!! hows it going??? 
Well this week has been a busy one as always!! After the celebrations ended it was like nothing happened hah everyone back in school busy working and the feel of just no time! but we were able to have a lot of fun and see a lot of really cool miracles!! so ... so start our recent converts:
han sung jin and pak hyunsoo- they are doing really well! we had another meeting with them this week and talked about the Book of Mormon and prayer- of course they were trying to keep these commitments before they were baptized but just right after it was almost as if they forgot a little bit and so being able to re-spark the flame in reading the Book of Mormon and praying was a really great experience for us! There have been a lot of the lessons we have been teaching recently that have been helping the investigator understand how these things can bless their lives and so it has been a great opportunity to study really what blessings I have received from keeping the commandments.!! 
Well- our investigator with a baptism date-- he is doing awesome! reading the Book of Mormon and praying and keeping the commitments that we have given-- this week however he stopped answering his phone from saturday until last night when he explained that something that is really difficult has come up and so we are meeting with him tonight to help him over come that challenge- not sure what it is yet even--so youll have to wait till next week!
also this week way cool miracle call from this random guy we talked to for a bit on the street-- he has a way nuts dialect so kinda hard for both my companion and I to understand but he is either from north korea or china and as we were talking he said he recognized us as servants of the Lord and that meeting us was Gods will-- well all things are too good to be true so he also said he doesnt need the Book of Mormon or the bible because that was in the past and Christ is already here -- anyway we will hopefully be meeting with him to talk about the book of mormon that he accepted hah
This week on friday we had a mission tour!!! Way fun Elder Aoiyagi (spell check) of the area presidency came and taught us in japanese which was then translated to english and then to korean! way crazy but awesome meeting learning alot about how we can hasten the work!!! one of the first things being just to smile!!! I always love those meetings and being able to receive guidance and instruction!!
That pretty much sums up this week! Thanks for your love!! ill try to send some pics but time is almost up-- we will see!
Have a great week!!!
Love you!!
Elder Jackson

Thursday, September 11, 2014

more miracles

HEY!!!! hows it going??? sounds solid but busier than ever back at home!! this week has been way solid and time just keeps on flying! 
this last week we started the new members lessons with our recent converts and had a great help from the young mens president in teaching the restoration!!! It is so nice to have another outlook as to how the lessons go and have just another person to be a witness of the truth of the gospel!!! The young mens president has been a way solid help to us with han sung jin and pak hyun su and will continue to be as they continue to learn and start preparing to serve a mission next year!^^ 
The young mens president also referred one of his friends to us a few weeks ago and so we were able to meet with him and invited him to start taking the lessons with us- no religious background but a really sincere heart with a desire to learn and so that is all we need!!!
and another huge miracle-- we have a 25 year old investigator who we have now met with 4 times he has attended church twice and last week we set a baptismal date for the 27 of this month!!  such a nice guy, way good at english and really open to the spirit!!!!! and so things are going really well here!!!
There has been huge help from the members and because it is 추석 or koreans thanksgiving we will be eating some delicious food over the next few days!!!!!! 
Yesterday was the main celebration and so to celebrate we had a mission 5k!!!! so fun and I was pretty impressed as I finished in 24 minutes.... but today I woke up feeling like an old man---- geez I cant even believe it!!! haha but it was a lot of fun being able to be with some of the mission to celebrate yesterday!!!
Recently I have been studying in the New Testament and now especially in Acts-- It is so cool to me the many miracles that the Lord works through His servants! but the reason is because they are obedient and recognize that they are witnesses of the Living Christ- throughout the first 18 chapters it mentions becoming a witness many times- and as we are baptized we also take a step in becoming those witnesses! I am so thankful for the example that you are all to me of being a witness of Christ!!! To tyler and everyone- think about what it means to be a witness of Christ and live accordingly- It is not an easy task and in Acts many receive persecution for it but the blessings of the Spirit that come from it are more of a reward than we can imagine!!
Thanks for everything!!
Love you 
Elder Jackson


Hey fam hows it going!!!!!!!!  so this week was probably the most miraculous week of my mission!!! starting with a solid district conference and ending with..... a baptismal service of our 2 senior investigators!!! both baptized on saturday, and then confirmed on sunday with one of them also being interviewed and given the Aaronic Preisthood!!! So they are both well on there way to serving a mission next year!!!! hahaha really though if youwant to talk about a change in heart, you could see it shining through these two young men as they stood in the water ready to start a life clean through Christ!! and last night as we all went to our branch presidents house for a taco party they had time to express their feelings and really there is such a strong bond that we now have!!!
Well this week I dont know from monday until wednesday we just tried to find new investigators so lots of street proselyting and then thursday just hit with the last preparations for the baptism this week!! We did however have a way cool experience out side the baptism- one of the missionaries in our zone has less active relatives that live here and he got permission to come on an exchange and introduce them to us!!! it was really awesome to hear what they thought about the church still even though it had been a long time since they had last come~ the example of members really has had a lasting impression on them and they both have interest in coming back!!! 
Lots to do here in bangeojin and time isnt slowing!! so thankful for the opportunity I was given to continue to serve in such an amazing area where the Lord has prepared members for the work and His children to receive it!! 
Thanks for your love and prayers!!!
Elder Jackson