Tuesday, August 26, 2014

progress in the field and the kitchen

Alright so the week in review
Set a baptism date last monday night for our two senior students -- if all goes well that should be a result coming on saturday--- we are pushing forward with them hoping that they will continue to prepare personally as they have now started school again and have not been able to meet as often as before- they are ready to be baptized but the school issue is having a large effect on if we will meet with them this week-so we will see.
This week we met with our 7 year english sister - and her husband. this week as they were talking they realized that the only conclusion to getting an answer was being baptized. now as great as that is they also said that now and in the future it is not something they will be prepared for or what they want to do and so unfortunately the conclusion came to stopping our meeting on friday nights- but they will continue to attend english class.- kind of a rough meeting but then miracle-- Saturday and Sunday we had District Conference and as we attended all three meetings there was a great spirit and learned a ton!!! So sunday we had one of our potential investigators came to church to come with us to the meeting. we sang in the choir together and he loved the meeting and read the book of mormon over the last week!!! so just another blessing of the Lord!!
With Elder Jang!! i love him so much!!! we have been making way good korean food the last week and with the lack of korean companions over the last few months it is so nice to eat it so often!!! and learning the recipes so that i can make you some good stuff when i am home!!!!^^
This week 5 out of 7 days it has been pouring rain!!! this morning when we left the house there was a mini river rolling down the stairs of the house across the street!! way crazy!! thanks for all the news and updates!! ill send some pics and hopefully the video a little later!
Elder Jackson

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