Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New companions

안녕하세요!!! so this week-- holy smokes it was a busy one -- we spent monday and tuesday in elder richardsons area and it was a blast!!! doing all we could to clean up and get things ready for the new missionary that would serve there as well as continuing to meet with their amazing investigators as well!!!  i got a solid taste of riding bikes as a missionary once again which was way fun! and learned a lot from elder richardson-- he is such a good missionary and an even better person!!! so fun to see his style of doing the work and see alot of sincere service and love!!
Well on tuesday we found out that one of the flights was delayed and so that our meetings would all be pushed back one day-- due to that we got a day in bangeojin also to clean up the bit that we had left and teach our high school students as well as get a new investigator who we found just a few weeks ago!! -- huge miracle with both of them! but the new investigator actually goes to college in elder richardsons area and so when he goes back the transition between us and them should be really smooth!!- It was perfect situation that the lord placed before us!!!
Thursday, our training meetings started and that night we went out for a real nice 4 hour street proselyting activity with the new missionaries in the rain!!!! soooooo much fun!!!! we actually only spent about 30 minutes outside the rest was done in the underground shopping complex just close to the mission home!!!! holy smokes such a party!!!! and he new missionaries were outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe it all 13 foreign missionaries were so good at korean it was almost a shock!!! so sweeet!!!
So then friday morning came and companionships were announced...and I was paired with-- the only korean in the group!!!! hah Elder Jang ilwon!!!! 
he is hilarious and already an awesome missionary- almost came pre trained- the only thing is getting him filled on all the rules- after only 2 weeks in the MTC(where everyone speaks english) there were a few things that may have been mixed in conversation haha but we are doing well!!! He hardl speaks any english and since he hasnt been with a bunch of missionaries yet he still uses harder words that I have been learning more or less over the last few days!!! but It has been such a blessing to have him here!!! since then we have been so busy we have hardly had time to rest at night haha and that is more of a blessing than anything else!!!
Well for the week, that will be all!!!
Thanks for everything!! loved hearing about Cali even down to the seats on splash!!! youre the best!!!
Love you!!
Elder Jackson

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