Monday, August 4, 2014

Monsoon season and investigators

wow --- just another busy week in the Jackson home this week!! haha
one of my favorite parts of the email was how the fire was recognized-
nice work brad hhaha a smoke bomb?? hahah

Well this week was really a blast!! and looking back it was a little
longer than others-but interviews were great!! President Barrow as we
all know was called by God to be here and to lead and guide us in this
mission and he is already doing an awesome job! Interviews were fun
and then meet the President Meeting was a blast and lastly they came
back to our area for the baptism service we had yesterday for our
sisters investigator!!! Really a great week and so nice to already be
quite acquainted with the Barrows!
This week we found 3 new investigators all interested first in english
but as we spoke about the Book of Mormon and prophets as well as our
purpose as missionaries they really opened up to the message and want
us to share more! we will meet with them later today! Huge miracle
happened yesterday- we invited one of our potential investigators to
church and to the baptism service and by the time it was over he was
wanting to be baptized- he did however think that yesterday was just a
huge general baptize anyone who isnt a member day but after talking to
him and explainin it a little more there was definitely more of a
peace with him! ha after explaining what we have to do in order to be
baptized it was cool to see his desire increase! besides that other
investigators are about the same.
Over this last weekend there was a huge whale festival in an area in
our district- funny thing is you dont watch for whales- but lots of
cultural performances and such!We went as a district and proselyted
there over this weekend which was really fun!! We handed out and
advertised the blog that we made for our english class and numbers
jumped on those who have been to it! also using Im a Mormon cards we
were able to find many people interested about religion and met a few
who had met with missionaries before- really fun and successful
This last week monsoon season started up in korea!- thankfully we are
in an area where not much comes but it really is alot more humid and
the skies have been a bit dark and gloomy- but its still pretty cool
here so Im not complaining!!
others this next saturday our branch is going to eat dog!! hahaha Im
so stoked!- its crazy how many koreans actually havent had it haha but
Im really excited to try!
alright not much more time but Ill send pics soon gotta switch to the
good computer!
Have a great week!!! Love you so much and thanks for everything!!!
Elder Jackson

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