Monday, August 4, 2014

investigators and turkish ice cream

HERRO~!! haha hows it going?? Today I am on a compter in a LG service center to have to make things kinda quick so
This week -- the investigator who came to the baptism a few weeks ago lost his phone this last week-- we were so confused at why he wasnt picking up for about 6 days and finally the sisters in our area ran into him and made the connection- because of that we have only met him once this week. but he brought a friend with him to introduce him not only to our english  class but also to the church!!!!!! it was a way sweet lesson and reaally fun to see him again-m we are still working on a way to contact him because he hasnt bought a new phone yet but he is continuing to progress!!
Our two senior aged investigators came back to church on sunday- this week was awesome with them and as the topic of sacrament meeting was love, they really liked the talks given and told us that they think church is a good thing for them!
Our last big meeting of this week was with the woman who has been attending our english class for the last 7 years-- on tuesday at our english bible study class- we taught the story of the prodigal son and tied it into alma 36 when alma the younger relates his conversion process. after that class we invited her to meet with us and study the book of mormon and take the lessons and set a date for last friday - so together her and her husband came and it was one of the most spiritually uplifting lessons of my mission- not just the fact that we were able to teach and testify and help them increase their knowledge but to also gain an increase in knowledge of the book of mormon and the bible from which we taught!!! so cool!!!!!
funny stuff of the week-- on saturday we were street contacting and found a turkish ice cream man who wants to learn english-- two funny things about this- we communicated through his iphone and he played his tricks on us ( think back to amazing race) that show really gives a cultural insight hahahhaa
that is really it for this week- we are on exchanges today and starting the 5 of the 7 weeks of this transfer-- it has flown by!~~
well love you so ,much!!! having a great week!!!
Elder Jackson

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