Monday, August 4, 2014

exchanges and rats

HeY!!! Hows its going????
So this week was way crazy probably the fastest week of the mission yet... surprise surprise--they just go faster hahahah but yeah the exchange we went on was really fun!! got to experience a threesome companionship with two other really awesome elders!! we had a blast and learned  a lot!! 
So after the unexchange the week went as follows- district meeting and playing soccer on wednesday, preparing for our activities of this weekend and having a sweet english class on thursday and then going to help another area prepare for a hawaiian party that they had planned for saturday and again another lesson- saturday our two english classes and family home evening and then yesterday after church had a proselyting activity with our branch and then went out to a festival to promote our family english program!!!!

so the most amazing and almost most heart wrenching story is the woman who has attended our english class for 7 years- they are progressing and you can see it in their eyes! they said that they cannot deny that the book of mormon is the word of God but just havent hit the point of knowing that joseph smith is a prophet- We have had really spiritual mettings with them and have really been ableto feel Gods love!! It is such a blessing to see the lord working with them and feeling Him also work with me in preparing to learn with them! 

Well other things- buried another rat this week -- found him on the stairs on the way up to the chapel one day hahah the sister missionaries freaked out!!! it was way funny!!!! Ill send my selfie pic!!! haha but the count is at about 13 dead rats found and buried between us our branch clerk and the branch president!! so fun!! hahah
well our other computer caught a virus so cannot use not much time left today but love you all so much and thank you for everything1!!!!!

Elder Jackson

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