Monday, August 4, 2014


What a busy fast week once again!-- I almost want it to slow down at
times and whenever I wish for it- things just speed up- its like an
ever accelerating motorcycle!! haha
well this week we met with a lot of people I probably taught the most
lessons I have ever just in the last week- We hit lots of new levels
with our older investigators and some of our newer investigators
almost hit a bump with them- but all is going well- as we have been
teaching it has been alot to help them understand the importance of
the action and also the blessings that they can receive- all are at
about the same level right now of really trying to read the Book of
Mormon to come to the knowledge that it is Gods word and that it was
given to us because He loves us and wants us to know what to do so
that we can live with Him agan!
This week in studies I focused alot on the Characteristics of Christ
for the talk that I gave in our Zone meeting- - It was really fun to
look back at all that I have studied throughout the last year about
these charateristics and how we can obtain them-- not an easy thing to
do but what I came down to becoming as an innocent child ready to grow
and learn through the atonement- pg 115 of preach my gospel sets up a
method of how we receive these gifts from God!~
and DOG~~~~~
hahah so yeah went out for dog on saturday night way delicious ate it
right off the bone- they are the only ones who like it like that! and
Ill send my pics in just a bit! It was just a really fun time with the
members and with our recent convert- continuing to see the
relationships grow between them all is so cool!! I love it here!!!!!
Continuing also to find dead rats around the church and in the last
week maybe 3 more were found and taken care of haha
there was also supposed to be a typhoon this week but it headed down
to japan instead!! hah so lucky for us but still cooler here than in
other areas - its been really humid and really fun!!!
Thank you for your prayers and love!!!
Elder Jackson<3

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