Monday, August 4, 2014

August 3rd

안냥하세요!! hay!! haha hows it going at home??! sounds way way crazy and looks like youre having a pretty solid time --- I cannot believe how almost everyone is the same height~~ what in the world happened??!?!?! haha 
well-- this week was a very fast week once again and turned out really really well- unfortunately our "golden investigator" is still off the charts but this week we were able to meet with our senior high school aged friends and teach 2 lessons with members there at both which was a huge help in making them feel welcomed when they came to church again on sunday!! now their 3rd time attending church and one of them said he wants to be baptized and like Dad said we are praying that they will continue to keep commitments and act on what we teach so that they will be able to feel Gods love and influence in their lives! 
Our 7yr couple are doing well-- its amazing how they study the book of mormon-- so thoroughly marking and thinking about what it says- for the first time the polygamy question came up- they were a bit concerned about it but had the answer before we even explained it-- We talked about baptism with them and they said right now they are not ready to change but how the spirit has been working with them really gives us hope for meeting with them more!!! 
this week to celebrate hitting a year mark in korea went to this way good burger shop again- haha and also ate some really good korean food!! karbi- some of the best i have had since I have been here!! and again got a nice soccer saturday going with our branch against another branch-0- and while we were there got to see my MTC teacher- he just married a girl whose family lives in the other branch! so that was all really fun!!!
This week is transfer week and so if we get a call it will be on thursday--- crazy that i have already been here for 4 and a half months and we will see what happens--- with that I will let you know next week
KICC love yas tons!!!
Elder jackson

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