Tuesday, June 24, 2014

small mission miracles

weird having everyone around the world and realizing that there are
soon to be only mom brad and sav home for awhile is crazy!!!!!! Im
sure you are all having fun and that all is going well though!!
I say it every week but time hasnt stopped flying-- we are already
down to the last week of this transfer and it feels like it started
yesterday-- but lots has been happening!! we have really had a great
time working with members this week as we were given two great
referrals and also are helping a family along the way to inviting
there friends to meet with us! since we have recieved the referalls we
have met with both and are planning to meet with them again soon!!!
Miracle happening- a few weeks ago a returned missionary came back to
korea for an internship and while he was here started his own finding
track- He introduced us to a man that he took two 5hour bus rides with
and we ended up meeting with him for the first time this week!! being
the first meeting we talked ablot about who God is and about His love
for us - it lead to a baptism invitation that ended in if i know these
things are true.. that is bound to happen if he is really looking for
the truth!
This week we had a zone conference in which we talked alot about our
mission and our earthly mission made alot of comparisons and tied up
what the Gilberts have been teaching us over the time that they have
served!! It was a great meeting filled with the Spirit and really was
able to deepen my understanding of the topic. Also went on an exchange
this week- had some great experiences and learned alot from that as
Everything is great here!! I love the people the weather my companion
and korea!! so blessed to be in a great place doing the Lords work!!!
Thanks always for your prayers and support!!!
Love you all!!
Elder Jackson

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