Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Well this week, Im stoked to hear about all the new everything!!!
sounds like a way busy time but sounds like it will be a blast for
sure!!!! so glad that everyone is safe and that things are working out
in a way that is bringing so much joy!!! it makes me way happy over
so..... one year down and like I have said maybe a billion times it
doesnt feel one bit like it at all!!!!! but then you take a second and
look back at all that has happened and look at the things that have
come and again realize that I am in a completely foreign place that
isnt one bit foreign at all anymore! haha but definitely been a great
this week we had quite a few meetings with some awesome people!! First
this man who lives here only from monday to friday and then goes back
to be with his family over the weekends-
this week we invited him to be baptized and he said that he would when
he comes to know that our message is true.. like many others have- we
meet with him again tonight so we will see how he has been but
definitely could be soon!!
We have seen huge progression with our recent convert--he is awesome!!
and just gets it! taught 2 lessons with him this week in his free
time! really fun-and he bears such powerful testimony!! His wife is
now reading the Book of Mormon daily and it has been so cool to see
the change it has made as that true light comes from their cute
our new investigators are two 19 year old boys who are really
sincere-met through english class. and a 35 year old who is also
interested in english and the church-said he would come next week with
so just some of the little miracles this week!!!
The fireside for the Gilberts was awesome!!! the chapel filled and as
members of the chior we had a great time singing with the members of
our district!! part of a talk was watching the sound of music which
was way sweet!! haha but the Gilberts as always brought such a light
and spirit with them to the meeting and left everyone at a higher
level through their words! such a cool fireside!!
Elder Tira and I have been having a great time serving together and
are both so shocked that its already week 3 of the 5 week
transfer...time does fly for sure!!hah
well with that have a great week I will send some pics when I switch
to the better computer-
Have a great night and a fun week again to Elyse conGRADS --- ㅋㅋㅋㅋ hahaha
Elder Jackson

Happy ONE YEAR!!

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