Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life in Korea

HEY FAM!!!! if every week goes faster from now on i dont know what I am going to do-- things just fly by and thankfully we have been able to be in places where we have needed to be this week and doing a lot of what we needed to do! 
This week I gained a whole new testimony and appreciation for fasting and prayer which really helped me through this week! 
As a mission we have been doing what we call the 49 day project- it started last transfer for the Gilberts last 49 days of service- the purpose was to find an increase of faith as we study specific scriptures and fast according to a schedule that has been set- so this last week I was set to fast. This transfer has been a challenge as alot is different and still trying to learn what needs to be done here but as I fasted that day, there was a new strength that I gained- it was definitely something I needed and really hasnt left since that day! such a blessing to see the blessing so quickly and deepen my testimony of the principles that we teach!
This week it rained almost everyday making it fun to go out and try to find new people to teach! We were able to meet with a few new people and everything is working out great!! Highlight meetings - recent convert told his wife to hurry and get baptized hah it was awesome!! and had a great lesson with our investigator that we will meet with again tonight! We are excited to meet with him and help him try to get the answer that this is the true church!!
This week we had a picnic with our branch!! It was so fun!!! went out and played games at certain checkpoints on out way to the picnic site- unfortunately when we got there the site was full. We ended up coming back to the church and having a great lunch with tons of food!~! delicious!!!
I dont know everything is awesome!! I love this area so much!! the members are all so willing to help and give us so much support which is such a blessing!!! 
well with that 
have a great week talk to you later!
Elder Jackson

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