Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last week with President and Sister Gilbert

This week has been a great one!!!!!
transfer calls but no change!! everything is still holding strong in our town of bangeojin!!!!!!
this week we had a great time teaching and trying to meet our higher set goals!! we have started a few new things as well with our english class that have kept us really busy!!!
With our investigators right now we have gone from no progressing to 2 both of them reading the Book of Mormon and praying and doing well wanting to meet and come to church!! its awesome to see how the Lord has been working here!!! Interesting thing is that they actually only live bangeojin on the weekdays for work and then go home to be with their families on the weekends-- it would be such a hard life to live always traveling back and forth but its been way awesome to meet with them and we will hopefully have both of them with dates for baptism for the end of this week!!
We have now made two new english books for our classes one for advanced and one for intermediate and so it has been interesting putting them together and having to study some english again to find grammar and harder vocab and such but its been really fun!! We also made a new blog for that class that has now been filled with activities that we have done as well as spiritual messages that we have shared! We love our english class and are hoping to find a lot of investigators through it!!!
Today - transfer meeting--- My trainer is now going home along with the sister that I first served with in changwon- throw in about 10 other missionaries about 4 that I have been pretty close with and that brings out the returning missionaries-Ill send pics next week! and the last with President and Sister Gilbert.. really sad but as always a great and spiritual uplifting meeting - its going to be really sad without them.. so much that I learned and that I owe to them that I wish I could give back- and yeah! its was a great meeting!!!
Thanks for your love and emails 
Love you so much!!!
Elder Jackson

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