Tuesday, June 24, 2014

English classes and the Gospel

FAMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hows it crackin??
haha alright so this week has just been crazy!!! they just pick up
more and more and more and sometimes it just catches me off guard-
considering the fact that i will hit my year mark! talk about a ton of
reflection and looking forward to learning progressing and serving in
better more effective and even more fun ways!!! before I start in on
the week congrats to tyler on his call and to BRAD---생일
I got dongchimmed yesterday so it was a great way to celebrate!!!
hahaha (thats not a joke)
ok so this week we had a ton of work to do--we are working on a new
childrens english class as well as changing the curriculum(?) of our
advance class for english! It took alot of time to get it all figured
out but all payed off saturday as we found so much potential through
these two classes!--the childrens class consists of 3-4 mothers and
their children along with our recent convert and his son. we teach
english through show and tell and then play a game and then teach the
parents about the church for 30 minutes. this last saturday all four
of the mothers left wanting to know more about the church and
interested about the doctrine we taught!! and the advancedd class has
now turned into a discussion class about talks from Liahona- it is
just at its starting point so we will see how it goes.
well also last week we were able to find 2 young men, just starting
their senior year, through our english class-they are fun a little
goofy but hilarious! and they came to our Family home evening on
saturday night!! we have plans to meet them this week!
And most exciting is that the sisters in our area have a baptism date
for the end of this transfer! they set it last night after an awesome
lesson!! It was so great hearing how it all folded out for them!!!
-well this week will probably fly by quite fast we have a lot planned
and on saturday night have a fireside for the gilberts!! we will be
singing quite a bit and hearing them speak!! it will be fun but
probably pretty sad for us as well! this transfer is only 5 weeks and
they will leave the first week of next transfer.
thanks so much for everything!!! love you all!!!
Elder Jackson

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