Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last week with President and Sister Gilbert

This week has been a great one!!!!!
transfer calls but no change!! everything is still holding strong in our town of bangeojin!!!!!!
this week we had a great time teaching and trying to meet our higher set goals!! we have started a few new things as well with our english class that have kept us really busy!!!
With our investigators right now we have gone from no progressing to 2 both of them reading the Book of Mormon and praying and doing well wanting to meet and come to church!! its awesome to see how the Lord has been working here!!! Interesting thing is that they actually only live bangeojin on the weekdays for work and then go home to be with their families on the weekends-- it would be such a hard life to live always traveling back and forth but its been way awesome to meet with them and we will hopefully have both of them with dates for baptism for the end of this week!!
We have now made two new english books for our classes one for advanced and one for intermediate and so it has been interesting putting them together and having to study some english again to find grammar and harder vocab and such but its been really fun!! We also made a new blog for that class that has now been filled with activities that we have done as well as spiritual messages that we have shared! We love our english class and are hoping to find a lot of investigators through it!!!
Today - transfer meeting--- My trainer is now going home along with the sister that I first served with in changwon- throw in about 10 other missionaries about 4 that I have been pretty close with and that brings out the returning missionaries-Ill send pics next week! and the last with President and Sister Gilbert.. really sad but as always a great and spiritual uplifting meeting - its going to be really sad without them.. so much that I learned and that I owe to them that I wish I could give back- and yeah! its was a great meeting!!!
Thanks for your love and emails 
Love you so much!!!
Elder Jackson

small mission miracles

weird having everyone around the world and realizing that there are
soon to be only mom brad and sav home for awhile is crazy!!!!!! Im
sure you are all having fun and that all is going well though!!
I say it every week but time hasnt stopped flying-- we are already
down to the last week of this transfer and it feels like it started
yesterday-- but lots has been happening!! we have really had a great
time working with members this week as we were given two great
referrals and also are helping a family along the way to inviting
there friends to meet with us! since we have recieved the referalls we
have met with both and are planning to meet with them again soon!!!
Miracle happening- a few weeks ago a returned missionary came back to
korea for an internship and while he was here started his own finding
track- He introduced us to a man that he took two 5hour bus rides with
and we ended up meeting with him for the first time this week!! being
the first meeting we talked ablot about who God is and about His love
for us - it lead to a baptism invitation that ended in if i know these
things are true.. that is bound to happen if he is really looking for
the truth!
This week we had a zone conference in which we talked alot about our
mission and our earthly mission made alot of comparisons and tied up
what the Gilberts have been teaching us over the time that they have
served!! It was a great meeting filled with the Spirit and really was
able to deepen my understanding of the topic. Also went on an exchange
this week- had some great experiences and learned alot from that as
Everything is great here!! I love the people the weather my companion
and korea!! so blessed to be in a great place doing the Lords work!!!
Thanks always for your prayers and support!!!
Love you all!!
Elder Jackson

Life in Korea

HEY FAM!!!! if every week goes faster from now on i dont know what I am going to do-- things just fly by and thankfully we have been able to be in places where we have needed to be this week and doing a lot of what we needed to do! 
This week I gained a whole new testimony and appreciation for fasting and prayer which really helped me through this week! 
As a mission we have been doing what we call the 49 day project- it started last transfer for the Gilberts last 49 days of service- the purpose was to find an increase of faith as we study specific scriptures and fast according to a schedule that has been set- so this last week I was set to fast. This transfer has been a challenge as alot is different and still trying to learn what needs to be done here but as I fasted that day, there was a new strength that I gained- it was definitely something I needed and really hasnt left since that day! such a blessing to see the blessing so quickly and deepen my testimony of the principles that we teach!
This week it rained almost everyday making it fun to go out and try to find new people to teach! We were able to meet with a few new people and everything is working out great!! Highlight meetings - recent convert told his wife to hurry and get baptized hah it was awesome!! and had a great lesson with our investigator that we will meet with again tonight! We are excited to meet with him and help him try to get the answer that this is the true church!!
This week we had a picnic with our branch!! It was so fun!!! went out and played games at certain checkpoints on out way to the picnic site- unfortunately when we got there the site was full. We ended up coming back to the church and having a great lunch with tons of food!~! delicious!!!
I dont know everything is awesome!! I love this area so much!! the members are all so willing to help and give us so much support which is such a blessing!!! 
well with that 
have a great week talk to you later!
Elder Jackson


Well this week, Im stoked to hear about all the new everything!!!
sounds like a way busy time but sounds like it will be a blast for
sure!!!! so glad that everyone is safe and that things are working out
in a way that is bringing so much joy!!! it makes me way happy over
so..... one year down and like I have said maybe a billion times it
doesnt feel one bit like it at all!!!!! but then you take a second and
look back at all that has happened and look at the things that have
come and again realize that I am in a completely foreign place that
isnt one bit foreign at all anymore! haha but definitely been a great
this week we had quite a few meetings with some awesome people!! First
this man who lives here only from monday to friday and then goes back
to be with his family over the weekends-
this week we invited him to be baptized and he said that he would when
he comes to know that our message is true.. like many others have- we
meet with him again tonight so we will see how he has been but
definitely could be soon!!
We have seen huge progression with our recent convert--he is awesome!!
and just gets it! taught 2 lessons with him this week in his free
time! really fun-and he bears such powerful testimony!! His wife is
now reading the Book of Mormon daily and it has been so cool to see
the change it has made as that true light comes from their cute
our new investigators are two 19 year old boys who are really
sincere-met through english class. and a 35 year old who is also
interested in english and the church-said he would come next week with
so just some of the little miracles this week!!!
The fireside for the Gilberts was awesome!!! the chapel filled and as
members of the chior we had a great time singing with the members of
our district!! part of a talk was watching the sound of music which
was way sweet!! haha but the Gilberts as always brought such a light
and spirit with them to the meeting and left everyone at a higher
level through their words! such a cool fireside!!
Elder Tira and I have been having a great time serving together and
are both so shocked that its already week 3 of the 5 week
transfer...time does fly for sure!!hah
well with that have a great week I will send some pics when I switch
to the better computer-
Have a great night and a fun week again to Elyse conGRADS --- ㅋㅋㅋㅋ hahaha
Elder Jackson

Happy ONE YEAR!!

English classes and the Gospel

FAMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hows it crackin??
haha alright so this week has just been crazy!!! they just pick up
more and more and more and sometimes it just catches me off guard-
considering the fact that i will hit my year mark! talk about a ton of
reflection and looking forward to learning progressing and serving in
better more effective and even more fun ways!!! before I start in on
the week congrats to tyler on his call and to BRAD---생일
I got dongchimmed yesterday so it was a great way to celebrate!!!
hahaha (thats not a joke)
ok so this week we had a ton of work to do--we are working on a new
childrens english class as well as changing the curriculum(?) of our
advance class for english! It took alot of time to get it all figured
out but all payed off saturday as we found so much potential through
these two classes!--the childrens class consists of 3-4 mothers and
their children along with our recent convert and his son. we teach
english through show and tell and then play a game and then teach the
parents about the church for 30 minutes. this last saturday all four
of the mothers left wanting to know more about the church and
interested about the doctrine we taught!! and the advancedd class has
now turned into a discussion class about talks from Liahona- it is
just at its starting point so we will see how it goes.
well also last week we were able to find 2 young men, just starting
their senior year, through our english class-they are fun a little
goofy but hilarious! and they came to our Family home evening on
saturday night!! we have plans to meet them this week!
And most exciting is that the sisters in our area have a baptism date
for the end of this transfer! they set it last night after an awesome
lesson!! It was so great hearing how it all folded out for them!!!
-well this week will probably fly by quite fast we have a lot planned
and on saturday night have a fireside for the gilberts!! we will be
singing quite a bit and hearing them speak!! it will be fun but
probably pretty sad for us as well! this transfer is only 5 weeks and
they will leave the first week of next transfer.
thanks so much for everything!!! love you all!!!
Elder Jackson

District Leader

HEY whats up?/
soooo after a great week of talking with you on the phone.. things got crazy!!!
I forgot to tell you that it was transfer call week and so....
I stayed in my area and became sr. companion and district leader.....and elder bingham-sent to be AP hah
so this last week was alot of goodbyes for him and a lot of trying to continue a base relationship with everyone that we met! It worked pretty well!!! ha so after meeting with a few investigators and members we headed to the mission home sunday night and I got back about 10 minutes ago with my new companion Elder Tira!!!-he is from New Zealand and we actually have been on an exchange so we are pretty excited to serve together!!!!
Because of the lack of time just know that all is well and that the work is definitely being pushed forward here in 방어진1!!!! 
Love you much!!
Elder Jackson

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello again!!!
Ill keep this one short because we dont have too much time left today
and still have a bit to do! but...
I loved the time that we spent and am so thankful for the time we had
to spend together today!~!!

Well this week we had a total of three new investigators. One being
the junior in high school I talked about today and the other being the
man from Uzbekistan and the third being a man that lives with his
family in the area daegu on the weekends but comes down to our area
for the week days for work!! He has truly been prepared and committed
to reading the Book of Mormon and when we asked if he would be
baptized he said yes later! so we will see how things go with him!
WE met almost the same people as last week again this week! our
grandma investigator is doing well but said she just felt
comfortable in her position right now so we will see again this next
and then our recent convert, other things I forgot, he studies english
with us and now instead of studying other english things he just wants
to study english through studying the gospel, he also wants his
son(now 6 years old) to be a missionary, and is also now trying to
work with his other family members as a member missionary- and thats
why he is the best!!!!
other stuff I think we covered all in our call so with that,
Love you all,
Elder Jackson^^*