Tuesday, May 6, 2014

There is power in prayer

HEELLOOOOO!!! elder jackson from 방어진, 부산 south korea!!!
haha well yeah that was a little more exciting right!
but back to this week..
SO this week was awesome!! we had a drop in our teaching pool when I
first got here due to a baptism that was the week before and also due
to the fact that the other 3 investigators we had stopped answering
our calls... but its all good! because this area is the best!!! haha
we have increased our potential investigators by about 15 people and
starting meeting with 2 last week teaching some pretty intense
lessons. the first one was with a man- he is about 50
years old and introduced himself as jesus keeper in english.. well we
met and he starts going on about how when he was young he rejected God
but as he has grown older he realizes how much we need him and then
said.. We just need a good prophet on the earth!.. well elder bingham
replied in the best way. "we have good news, there is a great prophet
on the earth today!" hah anyways he knows alot about our church but is
strong born again christian- may be a little difficult to teach but
through the Spirit it will be done!
the next is with this grandma that has been coming to english class
for 7 years! she finally decided to start meeting to learn about the
gospel when she was in 서울 (soeul??--i forgot the english spelling)
anyways she has started reading the book of mormon and said she feels
like her faith is frozen so we invited her to read alma 32 and
discussed that with her as well as told her the story of the 2000
stripling warriors and how they were successful because of their faith
in Christ- this led us to a denied baptismal invite but also to
understand what she needs more of so all for the best!! it was a
really intense lesson for us!
well besides that it has been a really fun week doing the work! had a
great time finding more people who are prepared to hear the gospel!
ok well we have been trying to exercise better in the morning and this
week monday through wednesday it poured rain so that stopped us but we
did run friday and ran to the beach area about 10 minutes from our
house!! so pretty in the mornings! always so still low tide and a huge
boat just outside the bay! We made the birthday cake this week- our
oven is easy bake oven size so we made cupcakes out of them and then
found a pan that fit pretty well so got alot out of that and it is
delicious! if i have time ill send pics!
last spiritual message: there is power in prayer-one of the
fundamentals in the twelve week training program is revelation through
prayer. I again realized how important prayer really is not just as a
missionary or as an investigator but as a Child of God!! Heavenly
Father is waiting to hear from us and all we have to do is kneel and
speak what is on our minds, it is one of the greatest gifts we have
been given!
thats all thanks for all you do for me and im way excited to see you
all next week!!!
Elder Jackson

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