Monday, April 7, 2014


TRANSFER CALLS --- received and the result...... New area and new companion for Elder Jackson!! hhaha so I am now serving in eulsan zone in an area called bangeojin <--- really wish I new the spelling on that but korean 울산 방어진!!!!!!  hahah so now i have been in the new area for about an hour!!! Its really different from the big city I was just in but definitely not country area just again a more urbanized area! My new companions name is Elder Bingham-he has been serving here for now 4 transfers and so together he will start his 5th. really long time!!! As we have been talking about the area it sounds like it has been very busy and the Lord has really been showing alot of miracles!!! 

Well as you can imagine packing up and leaving geoijeong was a bit stressful and I was pretty sad!! To end the week we had great meetings with investigators and yesterday we went to our adjacent area daeshin for a baptism and attended it with our sri lankan investigator!!! and to end had an awesome dinner with our branch president and his family at their little house off on the island in that area!!! I love all of them and will miss them a ton!! 

not much else happened this week-- just way jealous about general conference but right now we are cheating in a little and listening to them right now as we are emailing!! cant wait to watch learn this saturday and sunday!!!! 

Well needed things right now...i dont think there is too much wanted things.. again nothing to much I treated myself to a new watch last week on pday so yeah I came out of my last area with 7 new ties and a new shirt and so yeah! hah 

Well we still have to go shopping today but i will keep you updated on the events and new area as they come!!!
Love you all and always thanks for your prayers and love!!!
Love the quote by president Monson!!
Elder Jackson

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