Monday, March 31, 2014

we believe something to be true

HELLLOOO!! hah im not sure why i like the all caps greetings to start the email but it just is more fun for me!! haha well this week #1 thing is the weather it is the strangest ever and was described by one of our english students as a korean tale. the cold is trying to hold out because it wants to be noticed while the summer is trying to come in because it is summers turn. well it results in rain and humidity- we have gotten the message that we can wear just white shirts again --no suit-- and have even been wearing short sleeves on some days but the rain has been pouring. either means its going to get warmer and warmer or again just a little bit colder-I guess we will see what the next week brings!!!
This week was really a fun week!!we met with a lot of potential investigators and have been able to find many people for our english class and even an awesome guy who was more interested in the gospel then in the fact that we teach english--really hard to find a lot of times haha- but it has been great and the Lord has blessed us!
With two of our potential investigators we went to Busan Museum and got to wear Korean traditional clothing and learn a little more of the old Korean culture and from there went over to the UN cemetery that stands in busan for the many lives lost in the Korean War - it was so cool to learn about the unity that was found in the world at the time and walk through the cemetery- a really fun activity that these two potential investigators set and it gave us a lot of time to get to know them and answer a few questions that they had!
The thing that has been coming up a lot with those we meet is how weird it is to be a missionary- they are always so surprised that we, being so young, do missionary work all the time while following strict rules and then are just shocked at the fact that its all because we believe something to be true.
I think it is so funny but way true and just feel lucky not just to believe this gospel is true but really to know its true!!
This week I was reading in Alma and I love chapters 6-9 when Alma and Amlulek team up to be missionaries such a fun story!! haha
thanks for everything!!
Love you all tons!!
Elder Jackson
ps acid rain is crazy
pps love ya
ppps dats funny right der
pppps love ya
ppppps brad Ill think of a slogan for you
pppppps transfer calls are this week...

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