Monday, March 17, 2014

Top of the morning to ya!

Top of the morning to ya! haha didnt know it was st patricks day but a fun surprise and I will we watching out for those dong chims for sure!!! hahaha ^^
Well this week again way awesome!! It has been hard having few appointments as always but always that is when the hand of the Lord is really shown through! We have met some awesome people this week and have had a great time in finding in our efforts through the Spirit!!!
With our investigators- we have in continuation our investigator from Sri Lanka who has now started reading the Book of Mormon and we met with him alone.He is really looking to find more hope and joy that he has found over the last year as he has studied the bible. Although there is once again language barrier it is a testimony to me that this work truly does happen through the Spirit!!
our other investigator is really busy with school and we can only meet with him once a week-chemistry major and only second week ever in college. he is awesome and is doing well-baptism date still set for April 27-
This week it rained alot again but has cleared up and my companion said that it will only be warming up from now on so the warm weather will be nice! This week our mutual activity is what Koreans call running man-based off of a tv show! pretty much split into teams and you have to accomplish certain missions and the team to finish them all wins! We did it in this "cultural village" so it worked out really well!
This week ate alot of fish thats really random but honestly we dont eat very much and then boom like 4 times this week! really really good!! also boiled chicken-that was a new one haha but also very good!! ha
Yeah thats about all for this week!! Love the Work of Salvation!!!!!
Just last thing, I have been reading the missionary library a bit and have really gained an appreciation for the work that has been done and the sacrifices that have been made and are being made everyday! As I read about the history of the church and then we talked about family history work and temple work I became very grateful for the many examples of church members in our family and am extremely grateful for the ability that we have to live together in happiness after this life!!!
Love you all so much!!!
Elder Jackson
ps last quote that someone in our englsih class shared with us. day by day in everyway i am getting better!!!
just thought it was cool and she shared it as we were talking about the Atonement- perfect quote for that!

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