Monday, March 3, 2014

New season & new companion

ayyy!!! I was going to type something up for you in korean this week but..
Its my turn to use the slow computer in the church so english it is!!! '
This week sounds as if it has been wonderful and over here it is pretty great too!!!
One of my favorite feelings is the feeling of trust that I have gotten this week from the members in our branch as I became "area senior" sometimes its really intimidating having to bring someone in to a new area and get them up to date on everything as fast as possible so that this amazing work can just keep going!! and thanks to my awesome new companion and some great members it was an amazing first week of the transfer!! Lots of food(meat and kim chi ahah) and really a comfortable feel in the area!!
WEll this week one of our really sweet investigators dropped us--he lived in busan only from monday to friday and went back to be with his family on the weekends but he quit his job and so he will not be coming back down to busan. however he is planning on studying with the missionaries in his hometown so that really made us happy!!!
Our progressing investigator
is awesome!! We confirmed the baptism date for april 27 this week and started reading the book of mormon together to help him gain a testimony and to help him understand!! He starts college today and was really nervous im sure as you can imagine!!
Also we had a miracle as we met with the people from sri lanka again this week and one of them not only was excited as ever to read the Book of Mormon but also asked for a pamphlet to share with his korean friend!!! really so sweet!! 
In other news it has rained a ton here and for the past week we have planned all outside activities so basically have been singing in the rain for the last 5 days haha I am also feeling like i am back in music 101 class at byu. My companion is an amazing violinist and loves classical music and so I am becoming more cultured through that!!
It has been different being without a born korean speaker thats for sure!! really testing and also way sweet as we help each other understand what certain things mean and end up communicating very well with those who we meet!!! 
Again love the members in this branch and am so thankful for the blessings the Lord has been pouring out to us!!!
This week I finished 2 nephi and worked my way back to the allegory of the olive tree in Jacob 5 -- It is so cool how you can take so many different perspectives on one parable and learn so many new things!! One of my favorite words in the allegory is the word PRUNE. Thanks to our awesome Frank Dallon and the things he taught me about pruning it really painted into my mind that picture of refining for the BEST FRUIT!! 
This week we have mission tour with President Ringwood as our guest!! so yes I got a haircut hahaha and we are all really excited!! He asked us to study Moroni 10 --if you have time this week check it out^^ haha
Well love you all thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS spring is on the way ^^
Elder Jackson 
Marshmallow Appetizers

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