Monday, March 10, 2014

Mission tour week

HELLLOOOO!!!! 생일 축하합니다!!!!!(Happy Birthday Jess!!) Sounds like it has been a very busy week at home and it has definitely been a busy one here in Korea as well. This week actually was for me based off of the three characteristics of Christ that dad mentioned in his section today!! faith hope and diligence.
so again things are changing in the area and due to normal lives it seems to really mix up missionary work. School started again in korea this week and with that we had alot cancel which gave us alot of time to try to find-like 5 hours or more tuesday wednesday and thursday. so finding is what we set out to do and like alot of missionary stories it went from nothing to seeing miracles happen right in front of us!!! really sweet!! This week we met three people who had interest in who we are and what we are doing that want to meet again and so again the teaching will begin!!
Also, this week from thursday to sunday there was a large theme of the Work of Salvation spoked in our mission tour and our Stake Conference we had over this weekend and again the main points that kept coming out were 1. LOVE and CHARITY 2. KEEPing COMMANDMENTS and COVENANTS 3. PRAYER.
all three are really connected and help us individually build a stronger relationship with our Heavenly Father and also guide us to others who are striving to do the same!! Very cool how Heavenly Father gives inspiration and revelation through these three simple principles!!
ok now to my favortie random parts of the week. First our stake conference was a translation center. given in japanese translated to korean and then translated to english. If that doesnt manifest that the church is the book of mormon because we have our sri lankan investigator who started reading it and likes it so that will clear things up haha (ps that was number two)
Number three is just koreans being korean everything from a man stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to buy some kitchen scissors off the side of the road, to the subway stoppoing in the wrong spot so everyone is stuck, to a drunk man laying across the back seat in the bus to take a nap haha it has been quite the last couple of days!!!
well thats about it!! hope all continues to go well wouldnt surprise me one bit! but continue to have fun and be safe!!!
thanks for your prayers and love!!!
LOVE YOU 사랑해요!!!!!
elder Jackson

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