Monday, March 24, 2014

a scene of the area

well this week was a blast!!! just alot of the same stuff- lots of street proselyting and not alot of being able to meet with those who we come in contact with- however miracles are coming by the handful here in our little area of goejeong!!
Our 2 investigators are really busy and so if we meet with them it has only been once a week for maybe an hour. It makes things pretty hard but when they continue to grow in light, it makes us so happy!!!
So this week we went for a walk down in almost the lowest part in our area on tuesday and found this park where a bunch of old people were excercising and hanging out -one of my favortie parts of korea!! well we said hello to this man who was about to start his daily routine and ended up talking for about 45 minutes and we will hopefully meet with him again next week! we also had two random numbers call about our english class that we have!! both are planning on attending this weeks class!
not this week but next week will already be transfer call week - if we get a call it will be on april third!
I am just in shock that its already coming up on 10 months as a missionary... feels like yesterday i was opening my call
Not sure what other details you want but 'ill give you a scene of the area- thfrom our home we often walk the street to the "downtown" area of the city and it turns from a more calm and relaxed tohustle and bustle-there are churches on almost every street and many people about a similar work as we are. lots of little shops and lots of old people! pictures are being taken but nothing really can capture the feel that is here in my opinion hah
I dont know, the work is hard but if it wasnt I wouldnt be a missionary, everything has been becoming more clear to me and almost everything I see testifies of the message that we share!!
I love the work!!
 Thanks for everything!! love you guys a ton !!
foreves haha
luvfs ya tuns!
Elder Jackson 

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