Monday, March 31, 2014

we believe something to be true

HELLLOOO!! hah im not sure why i like the all caps greetings to start the email but it just is more fun for me!! haha well this week #1 thing is the weather it is the strangest ever and was described by one of our english students as a korean tale. the cold is trying to hold out because it wants to be noticed while the summer is trying to come in because it is summers turn. well it results in rain and humidity- we have gotten the message that we can wear just white shirts again --no suit-- and have even been wearing short sleeves on some days but the rain has been pouring. either means its going to get warmer and warmer or again just a little bit colder-I guess we will see what the next week brings!!!
This week was really a fun week!!we met with a lot of potential investigators and have been able to find many people for our english class and even an awesome guy who was more interested in the gospel then in the fact that we teach english--really hard to find a lot of times haha- but it has been great and the Lord has blessed us!
With two of our potential investigators we went to Busan Museum and got to wear Korean traditional clothing and learn a little more of the old Korean culture and from there went over to the UN cemetery that stands in busan for the many lives lost in the Korean War - it was so cool to learn about the unity that was found in the world at the time and walk through the cemetery- a really fun activity that these two potential investigators set and it gave us a lot of time to get to know them and answer a few questions that they had!
The thing that has been coming up a lot with those we meet is how weird it is to be a missionary- they are always so surprised that we, being so young, do missionary work all the time while following strict rules and then are just shocked at the fact that its all because we believe something to be true.
I think it is so funny but way true and just feel lucky not just to believe this gospel is true but really to know its true!!
This week I was reading in Alma and I love chapters 6-9 when Alma and Amlulek team up to be missionaries such a fun story!! haha
thanks for everything!!
Love you all tons!!
Elder Jackson
ps acid rain is crazy
pps love ya
ppps dats funny right der
pppps love ya
ppppps brad Ill think of a slogan for you
pppppps transfer calls are this week...

Monday, March 24, 2014

a scene of the area

well this week was a blast!!! just alot of the same stuff- lots of street proselyting and not alot of being able to meet with those who we come in contact with- however miracles are coming by the handful here in our little area of goejeong!!
Our 2 investigators are really busy and so if we meet with them it has only been once a week for maybe an hour. It makes things pretty hard but when they continue to grow in light, it makes us so happy!!!
So this week we went for a walk down in almost the lowest part in our area on tuesday and found this park where a bunch of old people were excercising and hanging out -one of my favortie parts of korea!! well we said hello to this man who was about to start his daily routine and ended up talking for about 45 minutes and we will hopefully meet with him again next week! we also had two random numbers call about our english class that we have!! both are planning on attending this weeks class!
not this week but next week will already be transfer call week - if we get a call it will be on april third!
I am just in shock that its already coming up on 10 months as a missionary... feels like yesterday i was opening my call
Not sure what other details you want but 'ill give you a scene of the area- thfrom our home we often walk the street to the "downtown" area of the city and it turns from a more calm and relaxed tohustle and bustle-there are churches on almost every street and many people about a similar work as we are. lots of little shops and lots of old people! pictures are being taken but nothing really can capture the feel that is here in my opinion hah
I dont know, the work is hard but if it wasnt I wouldnt be a missionary, everything has been becoming more clear to me and almost everything I see testifies of the message that we share!!
I love the work!!
 Thanks for everything!! love you guys a ton !!
foreves haha
luvfs ya tuns!
Elder Jackson 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Top of the morning to ya!

Top of the morning to ya! haha didnt know it was st patricks day but a fun surprise and I will we watching out for those dong chims for sure!!! hahaha ^^
Well this week again way awesome!! It has been hard having few appointments as always but always that is when the hand of the Lord is really shown through! We have met some awesome people this week and have had a great time in finding in our efforts through the Spirit!!!
With our investigators- we have in continuation our investigator from Sri Lanka who has now started reading the Book of Mormon and we met with him alone.He is really looking to find more hope and joy that he has found over the last year as he has studied the bible. Although there is once again language barrier it is a testimony to me that this work truly does happen through the Spirit!!
our other investigator is really busy with school and we can only meet with him once a week-chemistry major and only second week ever in college. he is awesome and is doing well-baptism date still set for April 27-
This week it rained alot again but has cleared up and my companion said that it will only be warming up from now on so the warm weather will be nice! This week our mutual activity is what Koreans call running man-based off of a tv show! pretty much split into teams and you have to accomplish certain missions and the team to finish them all wins! We did it in this "cultural village" so it worked out really well!
This week ate alot of fish thats really random but honestly we dont eat very much and then boom like 4 times this week! really really good!! also boiled chicken-that was a new one haha but also very good!! ha
Yeah thats about all for this week!! Love the Work of Salvation!!!!!
Just last thing, I have been reading the missionary library a bit and have really gained an appreciation for the work that has been done and the sacrifices that have been made and are being made everyday! As I read about the history of the church and then we talked about family history work and temple work I became very grateful for the many examples of church members in our family and am extremely grateful for the ability that we have to live together in happiness after this life!!!
Love you all so much!!!
Elder Jackson
ps last quote that someone in our englsih class shared with us. day by day in everyway i am getting better!!!
just thought it was cool and she shared it as we were talking about the Atonement- perfect quote for that!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mission tour week

HELLLOOOO!!!! 생일 축하합니다!!!!!(Happy Birthday Jess!!) Sounds like it has been a very busy week at home and it has definitely been a busy one here in Korea as well. This week actually was for me based off of the three characteristics of Christ that dad mentioned in his section today!! faith hope and diligence.
so again things are changing in the area and due to normal lives it seems to really mix up missionary work. School started again in korea this week and with that we had alot cancel which gave us alot of time to try to find-like 5 hours or more tuesday wednesday and thursday. so finding is what we set out to do and like alot of missionary stories it went from nothing to seeing miracles happen right in front of us!!! really sweet!! This week we met three people who had interest in who we are and what we are doing that want to meet again and so again the teaching will begin!!
Also, this week from thursday to sunday there was a large theme of the Work of Salvation spoked in our mission tour and our Stake Conference we had over this weekend and again the main points that kept coming out were 1. LOVE and CHARITY 2. KEEPing COMMANDMENTS and COVENANTS 3. PRAYER.
all three are really connected and help us individually build a stronger relationship with our Heavenly Father and also guide us to others who are striving to do the same!! Very cool how Heavenly Father gives inspiration and revelation through these three simple principles!!
ok now to my favortie random parts of the week. First our stake conference was a translation center. given in japanese translated to korean and then translated to english. If that doesnt manifest that the church is the book of mormon because we have our sri lankan investigator who started reading it and likes it so that will clear things up haha (ps that was number two)
Number three is just koreans being korean everything from a man stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to buy some kitchen scissors off the side of the road, to the subway stoppoing in the wrong spot so everyone is stuck, to a drunk man laying across the back seat in the bus to take a nap haha it has been quite the last couple of days!!!
well thats about it!! hope all continues to go well wouldnt surprise me one bit! but continue to have fun and be safe!!!
thanks for your prayers and love!!!
LOVE YOU 사랑해요!!!!!
elder Jackson

Monday, March 3, 2014

New season & new companion

ayyy!!! I was going to type something up for you in korean this week but..
Its my turn to use the slow computer in the church so english it is!!! '
This week sounds as if it has been wonderful and over here it is pretty great too!!!
One of my favorite feelings is the feeling of trust that I have gotten this week from the members in our branch as I became "area senior" sometimes its really intimidating having to bring someone in to a new area and get them up to date on everything as fast as possible so that this amazing work can just keep going!! and thanks to my awesome new companion and some great members it was an amazing first week of the transfer!! Lots of food(meat and kim chi ahah) and really a comfortable feel in the area!!
WEll this week one of our really sweet investigators dropped us--he lived in busan only from monday to friday and went back to be with his family on the weekends but he quit his job and so he will not be coming back down to busan. however he is planning on studying with the missionaries in his hometown so that really made us happy!!!
Our progressing investigator
is awesome!! We confirmed the baptism date for april 27 this week and started reading the book of mormon together to help him gain a testimony and to help him understand!! He starts college today and was really nervous im sure as you can imagine!!
Also we had a miracle as we met with the people from sri lanka again this week and one of them not only was excited as ever to read the Book of Mormon but also asked for a pamphlet to share with his korean friend!!! really so sweet!! 
In other news it has rained a ton here and for the past week we have planned all outside activities so basically have been singing in the rain for the last 5 days haha I am also feeling like i am back in music 101 class at byu. My companion is an amazing violinist and loves classical music and so I am becoming more cultured through that!!
It has been different being without a born korean speaker thats for sure!! really testing and also way sweet as we help each other understand what certain things mean and end up communicating very well with those who we meet!!! 
Again love the members in this branch and am so thankful for the blessings the Lord has been pouring out to us!!!
This week I finished 2 nephi and worked my way back to the allegory of the olive tree in Jacob 5 -- It is so cool how you can take so many different perspectives on one parable and learn so many new things!! One of my favorite words in the allegory is the word PRUNE. Thanks to our awesome Frank Dallon and the things he taught me about pruning it really painted into my mind that picture of refining for the BEST FRUIT!! 
This week we have mission tour with President Ringwood as our guest!! so yes I got a haircut hahaha and we are all really excited!! He asked us to study Moroni 10 --if you have time this week check it out^^ haha
Well love you all thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS spring is on the way ^^
Elder Jackson 
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