Sunday, February 16, 2014

Success and stray cats

Hey WHATS UP?? Glad to be hearing all about the tournament and how great everyone is doing!! Wishing I was in the warm sun- it has stayed pretty chilly again this last week snowed a hailed a few times but just all in the fun-again starting to get a little warmer and yeah things are going great!!!!!
SO this week we again met with our new investigator 3 times and were able to get into teaching the plan of salvation! that is a miracle in itself due to the past 9 weeks being the first lesson and a drop or cannot get a hold of them anymore!
but its awesome! I have really been able to see the Lords hand as we teach and make mistakes or dont explain and yet this investigator continues to want to learn and meet and he came to Church yesterday!! a little shy at first but by the end he was great!! This week we are going to talk about baptism and hopefully set a goal and date with him to recieve baptism!!
Well something really exciting-last week on sunday we found a cat in the church and thought we had chased it out. We came back on wednesday for a meeting with our investigator and it again appeared out of no where and ran down to the bottom floor of the church. It left some pretty good markings through the church as it tore up any garbage bags and got into our rice a bit as well- wednesday to friday we spent time as we could trying to find it and get it out and finally on friday we found its hiding spot caught it and let it back outside-it was quite the event for my companion and I as we tried to set traps around the church to trap it hahahah everything from trails of food to a nice bowl of water hah
We also had interviews this week which as always were AMAZING!!! we learned a ton about the LOVE of GOD and this week as I have been reading the scriptures I have really been able to notice His love among those in thescriptures and more so among us!!
Just to end transfer calls are this thursday so I will let you know next week how that turns out haha
LOVE hearing about you all and hope all is well!!!
Elder Jackson

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