Monday, February 24, 2014

Olympics and First American Companion

Well this week, miracles on end!! the best part about missionary work to me is that more than big miracles pulling you through week by week or transfer by transfer, there are so many small miracles and blessings from our Heavenly Father that surrond us each day and I am starting to understand a little bit more how to recognize them!!
This week was very relaxing because none of our appointments cancelled!!!! its been a while but it was great to meet with our two normal investigators and teach them about the joy of the Gospel! they both had some pretty big concerns but together through the Spirit we got things figured out!!! One of them we set a baptismal date with -- He said he doesnt feel close to being ready so denied the date we thought but set it for April 27th ----way far away. but again little by little as we meet and help him prepare we are hoping he will have the desire to be baptized earlier!!
Our other investigator is really wanting to know if there really is a God and the thing is three weeks ago all he wanted was free english class but we have definitely seen a change of heart from him and are anticipating some great things!!!!
So with investigators those are our little miracles!!
Others came this week through study as I recognized something new and also from weather again starting to warm up!!! haha
 we had a way fun MINI OLYPICS for our mutual activity SO thanks to late night projects I was able to pull off some pretty solid olympic medals!!! 
Well sad part about this last week.... Transfer calls.... and my amazing companion was shipped out haha and in came my first american companion in the mission field!!! Miracle in this is that I am not having to strain myself eveytime we talk trying to understand hahah such a blessing!! but really weird because konglish is what I have been about for now 7 months!!! hahah It will be very different but I am excited for the new experience!!
I dont know!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! it is the hardest thing i have ever done. every night I feel worn and torn but each morning when the alarm goes off- I know it is going to be a great day!!!
Yeah thats about it!!!
haha sorry kinda a lame low key email but things are happening and I am happy!!! This is the Lords work and this gospel is what brings joy and happiness and peace in our lives!!!
Elder Jackson

Missionary Olympics

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