Monday, February 10, 2014


this week went by even faster than last~~~~~ so nuts!! this week was not transfer week but today starts week 5 of our transfer so not this but the next thursday we may be recieving a phone call... haha anyways this week went back to freezing and it has "snowed" three times this week(the littlest amount just lightly falls from the sky -its awesome!!) It hasnt snowed in busan for a really long time so it was kinda a big deal! not actually the coldest its been but spring is definitely a little longer than around the corner haha
This week was really fun and although we had a larger number of cancelled appointments (basically every week) we were able to meet with some awesome people!! First a new investigator-he is 20 and going to college in our area-we met him just on the street one day and this week met with him almost everyday-wednesday we ate lunch and taught a lesson thursday he came to english class friday we taught another lesson and saturday he came to soccer and our mutual activity!! He is AWESOME!! really sincere and when we talk about the gospel if he doesnt understand he really does just ask!! makes it really nice for us!!
Miracles are happening everywhere!!
So Saturday was just an ultimate day!! way fun!!! we had our normal soccer saturday and then went straight to an ice skating rink with the young men and women from our branch along with the branch president!!! really really fun! reminded me alot of our mutual ice skating night!! it made for a really long day but came to be one of our most successful activities yet!! still working on more ideas if you have any let me know!!! 
This week we also had some pretty random stuff to eat from fish soup to breakfast burritos to pizza hut to duck ... just really really random but all really delicious!!!
sounds like you are busy as always!! have fun watching olympics !! sounds like a blast!!!
ELder Jackson

Team South Korea

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