Monday, February 10, 2014

8th month mark

hah hows it going??? THis week just flew by and what my companion and I thought was going to be an everlasting week came and went in the blink of an eye --starting now the fourth week of 5th transfer in Korea and this past week marking the 8th month mark as a missionary---really nuts!!!!
Well to start, this week on tuesday we had a district porselyting activity that went really well--their we met our APs who came on exchanges with us tuesday night and wednesday morning. Lucky for me the Ap that came with us was my trainer and so we had a fun time teaching together again and my companion and I learned a ton from him! really fun to get back together!! hah
So tuesday and wednesday we had two reallyawesome lessons one with a new investigator who has really been prepared since forever and who is catholic but prays the same way we do so when we taught he was like,"oh yeah thats how I already pray and these are some of the answers I have gotten ..." haha so sweet really easy to explain the spirit to him and used elder bednars object lesson with light to help explain--really sweet!!!
the next was a lesson with the 19 year old who we invited to be baptized .. as of now we havent set a date but this week we are planning on it! He really undersatnds what we teach and is really sincere about it as well!! hopefully we can help him out before he leaves for college at the end of this month...
so then lunar new year and Missionary work kinda slows down but we had our yearly cleaning assignments for our homes and so that took almost a full day and we still are not done haha we will be finishing today and tomorrow to meet all the requirements hah and its not because we dont clean but we are assigned to throw out anything and everything that we are not using so yeah lots to chuck!! haha
had some really good food with members for the new year --kimchi stew and rice cake soup and vegetables and rice and twikim and yeah pretty much delicious most of the time when people celebrate they are inside with their families and so the streets were ghost town status haha anyway really good way to spend the holiday!!
today for p-day we are heading back over to the culture center we went to with our youth to check it out a little more should be pretty fun!!  weather has been way nice just wearing longsleeve with suit and thats it-warm and humid this week
well thats about all i will switch computers with my companion and send you some pics!
LOVE YOU SO MUCH thanks for all your prayers and love and support
Hppy new year--again haha
Elder Jackson

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